News 18 May 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

5 reasons not to sleep on Manga’s ‘Outbursts From The Outskirts’

18 May 2017

He’s been on the grime scene since some of its earliest days, but Manga Saint Hilare has been steadily pumping out good quality music over more recent years too.

At midnight he’s set to unleash his latest offering online, Outbursts From The Outskirts, a collaborative project with his frequent collaborator and producer Lewi B.

We’ve decided to round up five reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on the project when it drops. Check ’em out below on GRM Daily!

His & Lewi B’s chemistry is unmatched

The pair have linked up a number of times, but their partnership is never more fruitful than on Outburts From The Outskirts. Despite his young age, Lewi has his finger on the pulse of authentically grimy riddims and Manga uses his years of practise to show out on them.

The “Outbursts” are phenomenal

The album is laced throughout with various “Outbursts” from other artists – namely Mikill Pane, Izzie Gibbs, Snowy and Maxsta, as well as the lead artist himself – which finds the different artists spraying some introspective bars over the same instrumental. It holds the project together well and adds a platform for other MCs to shine…

It brings old and new grime together in synergy

Be it the sonics, or the guests features, Manga makes sure to bring together the energies of old and new grime. He puts Flowdan and Novelist on the same song. He brings members of the scene’s most legendary crews together on “Different Pattern”. He leaves room for upcoming MC’s – and of course, Lewi, the producer – to make their mark.

The flows are crazy

Manga ain’t to be slept on lyrically either and comes locked and loaded with punchlines for days. It’s flow however that is arguably his strongest asset, which is on full display on Outbursts From The Outskirts. The years of continued shelling on radio sets certainly weren’t for nothing.

“Slew” will shut down any rave

One of the project’s undeniable standouts is undoubtedly “Slew”. It’s a collaboration with fellow vets P Money and Jamakabi, who adds a ragga-influenced hook to an absolute curb stomper of a record. The pounding basslines on this one are going to be inescapable in the dance over the next couple of months.