News 2 February 2020

50 Cent & French Montana reginite beef in Miami

2 February 2020

The drama between Power star 50 Cent and rapper French Montana continues as the two came face to face and possibly to blows in Miami.

The drama between 50 Cent and French Montana began at the ending of last year when French posted a video on social media of his new Bugatti.

Being the hip-hop troll he is, 50 Cent took aim at his fellow artist for buying an older model of the car.

50 wrote, “I’m in the hospital so sick of niggas. That’s a 2008 Veyron man, you shoulda just got the Uber app on ya phone. It’s 2020 Chiron man hahaha Put that bullshit back on that truck.”

In response, French Montana said, “If you don’t take your jean shorts with ashy knees, and that two-tone du-rag back to Connecticut to that haunted house that you had to drive two hours there and back every day from New York. With yo Christmas in Alaska cold-ass hating on a young nigga that’s a 2 million dollar Bugatti with no miles collector’s item! Boi u a dinosaur lol.”

Almost a month later, the two clearly haven’t squashed their beef with time as rumours are swirling that the two got into a fist fight on Saturday night at the E11Even Nightclub in Miami.

A video supposedly showing the bust-up was posted on socials.

French Montana has denied the rumours though and posted a video describing what actually happened to his Instagram.

French said, “Tell people the real story. I went to the club you was hosting. You heard I was coming, you walked out the back, you was in the car. I wish he would touch me.”

Take in the full video below.

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