News 30 May 2019
Author: Courtney W

Afro B’s “Drogba” Hits New Peak In U.S. Charts

30 May 2019

Since its release last year, Afro B’s hit “Drogba” has been one of the biggest tracks in the UK and it looks like it could be a massive smash in the States soon too!

The afrobeats tune has gone from No.34 to No.29 in the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay charts, marking a new peak for the single in the U.S.

Speaking to Vibe Magazine in an interview earlier on in the year, Afro B said: “This song has lasted long, long and it’s still lasting.

“The world is a big place, so it’s just hitting people that haven’t heard it yet. I just have to keep going”.

And keep going he does, as the video for his 2019 summer single “Shape Nice” featuring Vybz Kartel and Dre Skull has racked up an impressive 796,000 views on YouTube since it dropped last week.

Afro B clearly has no intentions of slowing down soon so we can definitely expect his vibrant music to captivate listeners from all corners of the world in the near future.