News 30 May 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

The AJ Tracey Boom Burger is the pengest munch

30 May 2017

Earlier this month we announced that AJ Tracey had teamed up with Boom Burger to create his very own feast, so we felt it was only right to head down there and try it for ourselves.

Located in his native Ladbroke Grove, Boom Burger offer a diverse range of different patties from their Jamaican style restaurant, but unfortunately the AJ Boom is only available for a limited time.

The Jamaican fried chicken was juicy and tender, with just enough of a kick to taste amongst their trademark ranch sauce that laces the bun. The double cheese (and no onions) added that little bit of sweetness alongside the coleslaw.

Ordered with a basket of their deliciously crunchy fries and some pepper shrimp, it’s safe to say it went down an absolute treat.

Go grab the AJ Boom before the end of May, and be sure to head down and try one of their other options too for some proper peng munch.

Big up Boom Burger!

GRM Daily