News 29 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Is CASisDEAD about to drop a project?

Author Trudy Barry
29 June 2017

CASisDEAD has got tongues wagging this morning by ominously posting the above image to his Twitter.

The image features a black background with an abstract reimagining of a bar code and the words “CASISDEAD THE CODE”. The only text accompanying the picture are the words “THE CODE” again.

Many believe this could mean an upcoming release. Whether it be a single, EP or an album, fans are excited regardless. This much is evident from some of the tweet’s replies including “my body is ready fam” and “no idea what it is. doesn’t matter. I’m excited.”

Things have been pretty quiet on the CASisDEAD front of late, but his feature on Giggs’ massive Landlord album last year as well as sporadic track drops made sure he stayed at the forefronts of fan’s minds.

It was also announced today that the Tottenham rapper will perform at BBK’s upcoming take over at the O2 arena on August 27, you can read more about that and see the full line up right here on GRM Daily.