News 2 July 2019

Drake Reveals His Song of the Summer

2 July 2019

The sunny season is here and there are a number of tracks worthy of the ‘Song of the Summer’ title and Drake has revealed the track he believes will take the crown.

Drizzy’s pick comes from American artiat Ambjaay and his hit “Uno”, which has gained over 10 million views on YouTube since it was released towards the end of May.

Ambjaay shared a direct message he received from Drake which confirms the 6 God is not only a fan, but also someone who thinks the song will dominate summer 2019.

“Bro you snapping on everything that song going too insane”, Drake wrote to Ambjaay on Instagram.

“I guarantee next 3-4 weeks it’s the biggest song of the summer.”

GRM Daily

With a wide range of hits under his belt, Drake definitely knows a thing or two about bangers so will his prediction be right? We’ll have to wait and see!

Check out the video for “Uno” below.