News 7 August 2019

EA Announce New ‘FIFA 20’ Features

7 August 2019

FIFA 20 will be upon us very soon and to keep anticipation for the game high, EA have announced new details about what to expect on the upcoming Career Mode.

EA revealed the new features on FIFA 20’s career mode on Twitter.

“New features in #FIFA20 Career Mode: Manager Customisation [,] Morale Management [,] Dynamic Player Potential”, they wrote.

One of the biggest features on Career Mode will be the ability to create female managers for the first time in the game’s history. Manager Customization will also allow gamer to change the body type, skin tone, clothing and hairstyles of managers.

Press conferences and team talks in Career Mode will also affect players’ morale, determining how they perform on the pitch.

Managers will also have the ability to stop players from ageing, as providing older players with more game time will increase their potential.

The Career Mode announcement comes just weeks after EA released their gameplay trailer for FIFA 20 which can be viewed right here.