News 12 April 2020

Fredo reveals huge collaborations on new album ‘Freddy’

12 April 2020

Fredo revealed last month that his second studio album Freddy is due to drop soon and now Fredo has revealed some of the artists who he has collaborated with on the project. 

During a Q&A session via Instagram Stories, Fredo was asked by a fan, “Who’s featured in (sic) your album?”

In response, Fredo said, “K Trap, Young Adz, Pop Smoke, Summer Walker”.

GRM Daily

Fredo might have left some names off of this list in order to surprise us but already, Freddy looks stacked thanks to the inclusion of two of the most talented UK artists and likewise for those featuring from across the pond. 

Fredo’s track with Pop Smoke will mark a significant posthumous appearance for Pop Smoke following his untimely death earlier this year. 

Fredo did initially announce in March that Freddy would arrive in April but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the artist has been open with his fans via Instagram Live about his frequent discussions with management about pushing the album back. 

As we keep you updated on all things, Fredo, take in the visuals for “Scorpion”.