News 18 March 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Has Drake signed THIS Irish rapper to OVO?

18 March 2016

In a move that probably nobody was expecting, it seems like Drake may have signed a British (nearly) rapper to his OVO Sound record label imprint… and it isn’t Skepta.

This is entirely speculation, but we’ve done a little bit of digging, making this theory not quite as far fetched as you’d imagine. We believe the 6 God has secretly signed hip-hop artist Rejjie Snow.

We all know Drake has a penchant for British culture, what with his love of Top Boy, Lord Of The Mics and most recently, Section Boyz, no deep secret. This is Evidence A as to why our theory could be true…

However, Rejjie Snow doesn’t exactly fit the stereotypical bill of Drake’s interest at the moment, as he comes from Dublin in Ireland and makes wavy, alternative hip-hop music. With that being said, as we reported in the first edition of Go Left, Rejjie Snow has been working out in Los Angeles for months now, which is of course where Drake lives in the YOLO estate. Is it possible these two met at a social out there? Evidence B.

Evidence C is bit of a bookey one. A couple of nights ago, a fan tweeted “Rejjie Snow has signed to OVO”. Just a hipster making a joke, right? Rejjie Snow retweeted the info onto his own timeline. Still, just another joker, engaging with his fans, yeah? Then why has he subsequently deleted the retweet? Has Drizzy and the team been on the blower telling him not to leak the secret yet?

Finally, we present to you Evidence D, perhaps the most conclusive evidence of all. A photo of Rejjie alongside hip-hop’s resident weirdo Young Thug has appeared online (which you can pree at the top of the article), in which the former is clearly wearing an OVO hoody. Although he could just be a fan, at closer inspection it looks like he has the coveted owl chain on too. We don’t know what to believe.

We’ll let you make up you own mind on the situation,  but if Drake tweets about a new signing soon, you heard it here first.

Detective Alex Griffin on the case.