News 5 March 2016
Author: Elle SM

Kano’s most important album yet ‘Made In The Manor’ is out now

Author Elle SM
5 March 2016

Acclaimed British rapper Kano has returned to the fray with ‘Made In The Manor’, his most ambitious, most lyrically adventurous, most audacious, most moving, and, dare we say it, most important body of work to date.

Coming over ten years after the release of his debut album ‘Home Sweet Home’, ‘Made In The Manor’ is as much a love letter to his East End roots as it is a forensic portrayal of inner city England today, with just the merest hint of dark prophecy about what trouble may lie round the corner…

The album is available to buy here and you can stream the album in full here.

The full track listing is:

1. Hail
2. T-shirt Weather in The Manor
3. New Banger
4. 3 Wheel-ups (feat. Wiley & Giggs)
5. This Is England
6. Little Sis
7. A Roadman’s Hymn
8. Drinking in The West End
9. Deep Blues (feat. Damon Albarn)
10. Endz
11. Strangers
12. Seashells in The East
13. My Sound
14. GarageSkankFREESTYLE [Bonus Track]
15. Flow Of The Year (feat. Jme) [Bonus Track]