News 6 September 2019
Author: Courtney W

Drug Dealer Charged Over Mac Miller’s Death

6 September 2019

Police have charged a man with selling drugs to the late Mac Miller before he passed away.

Miller – real name Malcolm McCormick – was 26-years-old when he died last September by what was concluded to be an accidental overdose.

Los Angeles prosecutors have said Mac Miller believed he was taking a painkiller named oxycodone but was sold a version of the drug which contained fentanyl, a substance which is fifty times stronger than heroin.

28-year-old Cameron James Petit has been arrested on suspicion of distributing a controlled substance.

Evidence against Petit includes messages he sent to a friend after Mac Miller’s body was found, with one reading: “Most likely I will die in jail”. It  has also been said messages between Petit and Miller have been discovered.

According to reports, Petit is being held in custody until a hearing in court. If found guilty, he could serve up to twenty years in prison.