News 29 February 2016
Author: Elle SM

Mikill Pane releases eagerly anticipated ‘Let MC It’ EP

Author Elle SM
29 February 2016

Last Friday, Instagram’s resident pun-maker Mikill Pane released his eagerly anticipated EP, ‘Let MC It’. Ashamedly, it took me a while to catch what the title meant, which means either Mikill Pane is an incredible wordsmith, or I’m just losing screws. It’s safe to say that both statements are true.

The EP is a real homage to the art of lyricist, acting as a stark contrast to his 2013 major-label release, ‘Blame Miss Barclay’, and presents him as a bonafide MC.

Boasting a very impressive track list and a plethora of acclaimed features, the project sees the bike-loving rapper collaborate with Giggs, Trim, Scrufizzer, Jordan Stephens, Doc Brown and former Don’t Flop champion, Tony D.

Creatively wrapped in a vibrant artwork by the talented Olivia Odiwe, ‘Let MC It’ is available on iTunes here and can be streamed on Spotify.

The video for the track “GNGSTRS” is also due to drop today, so keep your eyes peeled.

Words: @CamJohnst0n