News 31 January 2015
Author: Caroline SM

Jevon – “Ghostin'” #NextGen10

Author Caroline SM
31 January 2015

There’s a new wave of talent emerging; an underground shift in soundscape, energy and creative diversity coming from a selection of underground artists. Underground – but totally undeniable in their own right.

#NextGen10 is a selection of our favourite independent new generation artists on the come up, and whilst you might not be familiar with some of the names on the calendar, you won’t regret paying attention.

Our fourth artist to feature in #NextGen10 is 21 old rapper/producer Jevon. Hailing from West London, however currently residing in Coventry, Jevon is one of the best kept secrets outside of the Capital.

Speaking on our exclusive track, the self produced “Ghostin'”, Jevon said:

“I wrote Ghostin’ cause I think I’ve hit that period in my life where you only need certain people around you. Everyone always asks what I’m doing or where I’m at, I just say I’m ghosting. I’ve noticed that friends are getting shorter and times more precious.

I produced the beat when I was listening to my old DJ EZ garage CD. I found the sample and got working.”

Jevon is currently working on a free EP which will be released in association with Dark Circle Clothing. An exciting collaboration to say the least, he is definitely a name to listen out for over the next couple of months.

Keep up with his journey via Twitter @jevon_official.

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10 artists. 10 tracks. 10 days.