News 16 December 2016
Author: Cam Donald

Nadia Rose premieres new track “Puddycat” with Julie Adenuga

Author Cam Donald
16 December 2016

Following her interview on Beats 1 with Julie Adenuga, MOBO-Winner Nadia Rose’s new song “Puddycat” was premiered live on the Apple Music streaming service.

“I feel like I’m very different,” Nadia starts as she begins to explain the song, “My difference was being clocked around the room – around the jungle – I could see the cats starting to claw. This song is me letting them know it’s not working.”

The bouncy track is braggadocios and fierce, a roaring call-out to all of Nadia’s haters.  

Nadia’s new EP Highly Flammable comes out January 13th.

Check out “Puddycat” below.