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Shhhhh it’s a secret. Maybe. Ok not really. Rihanna really loves Trapstar. The same goes for the entire Roc Nation camp. In fact they love the London brand so much that Jay Z decided to buy a share in it (so we’ve heard.)

Whilst we are unsure of the Roc’s percentage ownership of the fashion brand, it seem’s that Trapstar remain winning. Rihanna took to Twitter tonight to announce that she has OFFICIALLY collaborated with Trapstar exclusively for ‘The Monster Tour’ merchandise. This is a joint tour with Ri and Eminem that kicks off August 7th in California.

photo (15)

A very interesting move. Will London (and the World’s) fashion elite still buy into the brand if 13 year old fan girls are wearing it? Trapstar have mastered the ‘exclusivity’ game, so we’re sure they’ve already got that covered. Firstly the tour isn’t coming to Europe, so the kids of London won’t be appearing in it on mufti days. Secondly, Trapstar recently dropped a brand new, no name – it goes by the frequency symbol, clothing line exclusive to Harvey Nichols under the main brand. Try get your hands on one of these pieces if you’re really that concerned.

Kudos to the entire Trapstar team. We’ll continue to keep an eye on their power moves.

CLUB BANGER! Kenkodie Drops “Nothin’ On Me”

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Kenkodie has just dropped a self-produced BANGER. The track entitled “Nothin’ On Me” utilises killer hip-hop production with effortless flow, sounds like a club tune to us.
Like it? Comment below.

Snoop Dogg Battle Rap At The 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards!?

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Over the years battle rap has gained a worldwide attention, the most recent events to gain the public spotlight being Eminem’s ‘Total Slaughter’. This series of events saw different high profile battles, for example Slaughter Houses’s Joe Budden vs underground battle rap legend Hollow Da Don, plus the much anticipated rematch between the ‘Kings Of Harlem’ Murda Mook and Loaded Lux.

Now it looks like Snoop wants to be part of the ‘Battle Rap” scene once again… In case you didn’t know Snoop and Kurrpt were the Kings of battling in their home town of Long Beach California (THE LBC).

Snoop informed his fans and the world with Instagram videos:

“Me and my ni**a Murda Mook feeling to come at you with something real big for the Hip Hop battle scene.”

Not too long after the 1st clip surfaced The Doggfather then uploaded a second 15 second clip:

“I’m hosting the BET Hip Hop Awards again this year, but I got something real special planned this time be on the lookout.”

After hosting the awards in 2013 in such doggystyle fashion, its no surprise to learn that Snoop Lion will be hosting for a second time round at this years ceremony in Atlanta, scheduled for October.

With Battle Rap leagues all around the world, who would you like to see battle at the awards?

Let us not forget to pay homage to the leagues across the world who brought the attention of battle rap back to the forefront of the ‘Hip-Hop’ scene.

Salute to Smack, KOTD,and of course the UK’s Very own Don’t Flop, along with all the other leagues around the world for their efforts.

TOO FUNNY!! Watch DMX Riding Sling Shot In Orlando

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Over the years DMX has been in the headlines for numerous reasons other than his music, from openly admitting being on the Crack, to singing christmas carols ,or even displaying his dislike for Drake.

In more recent times he’s confronted and dealt with his issues publicly, but instead of shaking your heads this video will have you cracking up at his latest stunt.

Before Embarking on his sling shot journey, the rapper aged 43 amps himself up to prepare, then once in the air begins to talk trash and shout out his infamous ad-libs “WHAT!” and “WHERE MY DOGS AT” along with letting us know he “AINT SCARED”

If the rumours are true that Swizz Beats & DMX are working on album would you be buying it?

Not to worry, whether he continues to make music or not one thing IS for certain, DMX he will be providing comedy for us for years to come.

ENGLAND’s Adam Gemili Bags Silver Medal At Commonwealth Games 100M Final

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The patriotic sports fans amongst us (and hopefully the rest of you) should be aware that the Commonwealth Games are currently taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, with the closing ceremony set for this coming Saturday August 2nd.

So far England have done very well at the games with a total of 27 Gold Medals, 24 Silver and 23 in Bronze. Team England are sitting at 2nd place in the medals table behind current leaders Australia.

Now when you mention the 100M sprint one name comes to mind, Usain Bolt. Bolt is currently recovering from foot surgery making him unable to participate in this years games. So last night it was left up to his team mate Kemar Bailey-Cole to bring home Gold in the 100M Sprint Final, Kemar finished in 1st place with a time of 10 seconds flat, adding a third commonwealth title for the Jamaicans.


England’s very own Adam Gemili shocked many, claiming 2nd place with a silver medal. 22 year old Gemili completed the race with an impressive time of 10.10 seconds, .5 seconds faster and he would have beaten his own PB.

It looks like Gemili has forgotten the heart ache of The London 2012 Olympics were he was partly responsible for the disqualification of team GB in the 100M Relay.



Fast forward two years Adam speaks on the win:

“I’m buzzing. I can’t believe it. This is great for me. I was always pushing for the gold, but that’s my first senior medal and what better place to do it than on home soil. Hopefully I can keep progressing and to use this as a stepping stone to be more established in the senior ranks.i just love running at major championships. The main thing is that the crowd give me energy that I need.

Third place went to another Jamaican by the name of Nickel Ashmeade, letting the world know that even without Bolt, Team JA are the still a dominant force in athletics.

The next stop for the Commonwealth Silver medalist will be the European Championships in Zurich. No doubt he will be looking to claim a Gold.

The European Championships start August the 12th 2014.

TRAILER ALERT ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ Starring Lady Gaga

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In 2005 the 1st Sin City film hit our screens, now we’re hearing news that the follow up to the action thriller ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ is set to premier on August 22nd 2014.

The film will see most of the cast from the 1st Sin City with likes of Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba and Michael Madsen along with a debut appearance in the film by pop singer Lady Gaga. We’re sure Lady Gaga will fit right in.


It hasn’t been all smooth sailing when it comes to advertising the individual poster of the characters. French beauty Eva Green has had her image censored by the Motion Picture Association of America. The TV network ABC have also said that they won’t air the trailer until adjustments are made with regards to the nudity shown by Eva Green.

2nd         article-2709038-201441FD00000578-773_306x455-2

Original Poster                                             Edited Poster

Spot the difference? The original is deemed too explicit as apparently her breast is visible. Looks pretty similar to us, but hey, that’s none of our business *sips tea*.

Directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez the film is set to live up to the hype of the 1st Sin City, from the trailer alone it appears that the 9 years of waiting for the second instalment may just be worth it.

What do you think of the trailer?

Will you be going to see Sin City: A Dame To Kill For?

You Have Been Warned! Police Clamp Down On Illegal Sites With Anti-Piracy Warning Adverts

Posted by: Raphael

City of London police have begun placing banner advertisements on websites believed to be offering pirated content such as films, music downloads and TV shows illegally.

The messages, which will appear instead of paid-for ads will ask users to close their web browsers.

Police said the ads would make it harder for piracy site owners to make their pages look authentic.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Fyfe spoke about the new scheme, “When adverts from well known brands appear on illegal websites, they lend them a look of legitimacy and inadvertently fool consumers into thinking the site is authentic.”

He added, “This new initiative is another step forward for the unit in tackling IP crime and disrupting criminal profits.”

This latest step to combat on-line piracy looks to hit the owners of these websites in a more painful way, by stopping advertising revenues from coming in.

Looks like it’s time to invest in your iTunes or Netflix account!

NO DEAL! Ronaldo Denies Lil Wayne Management Rumours

Posted by: Rene

Late last week the news surfaced that two of the most influential stars were set to be linking up with each other in a sports management deal. Reports say Lil Wayne allegedly signed FIFA’s 2013 Worlds Best Player, Cristiano Ronaldo, to his sports management company.

Ronaldo showed his support for Weezy’s new business venture on twitter which lead to more speculation, some sources even confirmed that the Portuguese star did indeed sign to the management company.

After a few days of churning on the rumour mill, the Real Madrid number 7 took to Twitter to address the situation and confirm he is not signed to Lil Wayne after all.


It’s clear to see that Ronaldo holds Lil Wayne in high regard however it’s a no go for Weezy. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Tunechi follows in the footsteps of Jay Z’s Roc Nation and signs his first sports star to his management label.

Do you even think Lil Wayne knows about the offside rule? Was definitely too good to be true.


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#AskJesus? Man City’s Twitter Q&A Hijacked By Trolls. Amazing.

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Nobody does banter like football supporters, so when Manchester City decided to have a Q&A session on Twitter, fans saw the perfect opportunity to make some mischief.

Using the #AskJesus hashtag, City fans were encouraged to pose question for winger Jesús Navas. Do you see where this is going?

The results were hilarious as seen below:

#askjesus you walked on water but can you do it on a cold, Tuesday night in Stoke?

— Chris (@Kristov86) July 28, 2014

#AskJesus If you can turn water into wine, can you turn Javi Garcia into a decent footballer? — Will Unwin (@Will_Unwin) July 28, 2014

#AskJesus How does it feel having more than 12 followers now? @JNavas @MCFC

— CHIEF. (@FutbolOverload) July 28, 2014

#AskJesus With Romans power behind them, are Chelsea nailed on to win the league? Or do you think Man City can rise again to win it? — Adam Lowe (@adamBFC89) July 28, 2014

#AskJesus Can you heal Mario Balotelli?

— Somnath Sengupta (@baggiholic) July 28, 2014

#askjesus Do you and [victor] Moses get along? — Mark Harrison (@MarkHarrison23) July 28, 2014

With a hashtag like that City definitely brought it upon themselves. Maybe they should have used #AskNavas, just to point out the obvious.

SUMMER BANGER! Fuse ODG & Angel Team Up For “T.I.N.A”

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Fresh from his top 3 charting summer smash “Dangerous Love” featuring Sean Paul, Fuse ODG returns with another sure-fire hit ‘T.I.N.A’ featuring the UK’s very own, Angel.

“T.I.N.A” is the fifth single and title track to be taken from Fuse’s highly anticipated debut solo album ‘T.I.N.A’, due to drop on October 12th. An acronym for This Is New Africa, ‘T.I.N.A’ was produced by the award-winning Ghanaian producer Killbeatz and we are hearing that it is another slice of afro-pop brilliance.

With four chart hits to his name, the past 12 months has seen Fuse not only cement his standing as a trailblazer for Afrobeats, but also fast become a mainstream star. The Ghanaian South Londoner has sold over a million plus records and achieved silver status on three singles – ‘Antenna’, ‘Million Pound Girl’ and ‘Dangerous Love’, which spent 10 consecutive weeks in the UK top 20. All in addition to a sold out headline show at The Garage in Islington, an MTV VMA nomination and a MOBO award win for Best African Act.

The track is set for release through 3Beat Records on October 5th, get your Azonto on and pre-order it here.

TRAILER REVEALED! The Simpsons x Family Guy Crossover

Posted by: Rene

A few months ago we reported about The Simpsons and Family Guy characters were meeting up for one episode. Crazy right? As a treat for the fans, the writers have given a 5 minute trailer of what to expect when the Griffins arrive in Springfield.

If the figures for the hour-long episode sore, Fox Entertainment could be tempted to produce another and maybe mix up a few more of our family favourites although nothing has been reported.

The wait is not too long for fans as the full show is set to hit screens this September, from the trailer alone it seems like Peter may have to forgotten his arch enemy the ‘Infamous Chicken’, with a focus on his new nemeses Homer Simpson.

NUMBER 1?! Stormzy’s Debut Album Hits The Hiphop Hotspot

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Stormzy’s name has been buzzing around the scene for a minute now and it seems the fans are putting the money where their mouth is. The 21 year old rappers debut album, ‘Dreamers Disease’ was only released on iTunes at midnight and it is already number 1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap album charts.

This is amazing news for a young independent artist who isn’t sitting beneath a major label, that said we’re sure he’s sparked the interest of afew now. The album features 1st Born, Yung Fume, TE dness, Showa Shins and Starboy Willz.

Support good music and buy the album for £5.33 on iTunes now. Keep an eye out for our interview with Stormzy coming soon.

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ROOKIE ERROR. Just Don’t Break Into A WWE Wrestlers House. Ever.

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Life is full of surprises and luckless burglar Cesar Sosa, 22, got the biggest surprise of his life when he broke into the Phoenix, Arizona home of a WWE wrestler.

Bryan ‘Daniel Bryan’ Danielson was returning home with his wife (fellow WWE star Brianna ‘Brie Bella’ Monique-Danielson) when he saw two suspects running out of a back door.

The star, famous for his ‘yes movement’ gave chase and was able to catch Sosa. He put him in a rear naked chokehold until the police arrived, the second suspect managed to get away.

Speaking at a police headquarters conference, Bryan said he was “angry” when he realized that someone had broken into his home.

Bryan, 33, added, “He was very, very tired and it literally took zero effort to take him down, he put up very little resistance.”

The former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion also claimed he was “borderline ashamed” for taking matters into his own hands, and was glad that nothing bad happened.

Sosa was booked into jail on suspicion of one count of burglary.

And they say wrestler’s can’t fight in ‘real life’.

Watch Bryan and Brianna speak about the incident below:


Big Sean Falls For The Thirst Trap?!

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Nicki Minaj has had jaws dropping and the world debating. Real OR NAH? The Young Money Queen uploaded a cover for her new single “Anaconda” in which she is wearing a pink g-string, tight pink top and a pair of blue and pink air Jordan 6s.

While you think fans would be excited about the release of the new music it seems that the image of Miss Minaj throwing it back has grabbed most of the attention. I mean come on, what would you expect she’s showing the world a full moon!

For some reason no one has picked up on the fact we may be seeing Big Sean feature on the track. The G.O.O.D music rapper posted this on Instagram. “Now every time I perform…”:

We’re glad Sean is keeping his humour about him just days after it was announced that his ex-fiancé Naya Rivera (relationship ended 3 months ago) has just got remarried. Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay for you.

As you can imagine social media has gone mad with memes, with her good friend Drake even appearing in a few.


It hasn’t been all fun and laughter as some have got at Nicki for not being modest and showing any class… Sounds like the 90s all over again Remember when Lil’ Kim got slated for this?


But as we look and admire at the cake Nicki has provided many still ponder if what we are seeing hanging out of the g-string is the real deal or a plastic surgery at its finest.

Not one to shy away from her haters The New York rapper responded on Instagram by saying “Putting out some more #thotSh*t tmrw for the fuq of it. LMFAOOOOO. Thots out here showin puss lips but u mad at da kid.”

The single “Anaconda” is set for release on July 28th.

What are your thoughts on the picture?


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JOINT INTERVIEW! Khloe K & French Montana’s First Interview Together On Angie Martinez

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It was just last week that radio vet Angie Martinez launched her first official show on NY’s Power 105 after moving from Hot 97, and it seems she is already bringing those juicy exclusives!

Today Angie invited couple of the moment, French Montana and Khloe Kardashian onto her show to discuss their relationship for the FIRST TIME EVER. French talked in depth with Ang, and even let the cat out the bag that his bro-in-law Kanye West would be executively producing his next album alongside Harry Fraud. Montana also revealed that he has a new track entitled “Gucci Mane” featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne that was produced by Yeezus. Perks of getting in with Kardashian clan ey.

For starters, French credits Diddy as the culprit behind the Khloe K love connection.

“Khloe cool as hell, man. It was Puff. Puff was the one that put us together. I was like Puff –I forgot how it went.

It was me, Gabby, Ross, Puff, Meek. Everybody was in the studio. Scott [Disick, Kourtney’s husband] was there. Scott was drunk. I was, ‘like I got a party tomorrow’ and everybody was like, ‘we all coming.’ She [Khloe Kardashian] was like ‘Hell yeah, I wanna go.’ Next day Puff was like ‘hit her’ to come to the party.

We end up not going to the party. We just end up chillin’. But nah, she cool peoples. We rockin’.”

Khloe is well known for being the cheekiest and most open about all aspects of her life, and it’s so nice to see she is finally happy after the dramatic break up with her estranged husband Lamar Odom. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star discusses that French is currently observing Ramadan, that means absolutely no eating until sunset, no sex, no smoking and no drinking.

Of course she’s suffering from Montana’s fast too…

“No sex. [It’s] so fun [said sarcastically]. That’s why he’s wearing all white. He’s so pure and holy. … He’s virginal.[Laughs]

“I have been [torturing him]. Every single day. Torture.”

Khloe Kardashian made it clear that she doesn’t care what others have to say about her hanging out with French. She stood up for her man!

“People are gonna comment no matter what. If I dated the most clean cut perfect guy, they’re gonna comment. That’s just the way it is. If I’m having fun and if I like this kid, no one else should care, they’re not f****g him. [Laughs] Or maybe they are, I don’t know.“

French Montana reacted with his signature “haaaaaaaaaaa.”

In the full interview, French discusses recording with Kanye West, appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bobby Shmurda having a southern flow, getting TMZ coverage and more.


Hottest US Tunes Out This Week – #GRMFreshestOut With Sarah Harrison

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This week we kick off the first instalment of #GRMFreshestOut. Each week our team of experts, headed up by DJ Sarah Harrison and Dwayne Gordon-Harris (BANG Radio’s Head of Music), deliver to you the biggest hiphop, urban and rap bangers released within the last 7 days in US and UK music.


Vado Feat. Chinx & 2 Chainz & Ace Hood – You Already

Man, Chinx is spending overtime with French Montana – the dude sounds exactly like him! Not complaining though, that Coke Boyz imprint fits perfectly in this We The Best Music led track. Headlined by Vado and supported by fellow Ace Hood alongside the King of Dumb Rap (that’s a compliment) 2 Chainz, “You Already” has a dope syncopated (off-beat!) feel to it, with a nice little straight clap break-beat for the ladies to twerk to. But back to the head nodding lads, this record is almost like the younger brother to “They Don’t Love You No More”. What’s your favourite verse? Vado’s hard you know.

DJ Self Feat. Maino & Vado & Big Bz & Uncle Murda – I Be About It [prod. by Addixs]

There’s an evident trend in DJs headlining tracks right now. New York’s DJ Self who gave the streets that “Yeah, OK” anthem earlier this year (which saw appearances from Yo Gotti and Fabolous), has just dropped another bomb with a line-up of pure New Yorkers. “I Be About It” comes in hard, just like the lyrics suggest. No room for slacking in the Big Apple; if you don’t take my word for it, you’ll definitely take Maino’s!

Dave East – Red Bottoms [prod. by RicoBeats]

Met this kid from Spanish Harlem out in New York at the top of the year. Fell in love with his articulation and attack despite him spitting over 100-110 bpm beats like this Red Bottoms joint. Sounding much like a Travis $cott inked instrumental, this banger comes in at track 3 on his newly dropped mixtape ‘Black Rose’. The drop is just nuts, I have to wheel it as soon as that first 808 touches the floor – it’s MAD. A download is necessary.

Ca$h Out Feat. Juicy J & Ty Dolla Sign & Lil Boosie & Kid Ink – She Twerkin (Remix)

Everybody has a little ratchet in them; well if not, you will after this heavy strip-club anthem. I’ve been spinning this Cash Out banger for exactly a year now, and I don’t know what took so long for it to receive this facelift. Worth the wait though – the cast is nice and mixed with East and West coast voices. I think Kid Ink has really been proving his versatility, jumping from homegrown Bay Area vibes to Steve Aiko’s EDM ‘Delirious (Boneless)’ to this Southside ratchetness – good going Kid!

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Snoop Dogg & Ty Dolla $ign – You And Your Friends [prod. by DJ Mustard]

Melodic, bouncy, fun, catchy… this track is gonna ring off for the rest of the summer. This Bay Area, West Coast sound is just so addictive, and too right it makes “You and Your Friends” feel good. Ty Dolla delivers yet another brilliant hook which I can envision a group of mates singing along too (off-key obviously) at the end of a drunken night! This song feels like “Young, Wild and Free” Part 2 – once again the double OG brings his loveable Uncle swagger alongside nephew Khalifa’s youthful energy. Anybody wanna jump on a flight to Cali after bumping this tune a couple of times?

Make sure you check out Dwayne’s Top 5 Hottest UK Tracks Out This Week!

Meet The Writer – Sarah Harrison

I breathe, eat and sleep music first and foremost… so that makes me a full-time music fiend. That’s an alternative way of saying I’m a DJ! Based in London, I live between the clubs and the airwaves… and a couple of big stages in between. Recently crowned Official DJ for rising club night FADED, as well as Tour DJ for Paigey Cakey & Misha B, BANG 103.6FM is where you will routinely find the #LadyInTheTRAP every Wednesday 7-10pm - that’s my street-smart alias by the way! I’m a fan of all music, but like languages, I can speak only 1 fluently and that’s Hip-Hop.

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