ROOKIE ERROR. Just Don’t Break Into A WWE Wrestlers House. Ever.

Posted by: Raphael

Life is full of surprises and luckless burglar Cesar Sosa, 22, got the biggest surprise of his life when he broke into the Phoenix, Arizona home of a WWE wrestler.

Bryan ‘Daniel Bryan’ Danielson was returning home with his wife (fellow WWE star Brianna ‘Brie Bella’ Monique-Danielson) when he saw two suspects running out of a back door.

The star, famous for his ‘yes movement’ gave chase and was able to catch Sosa. He put him in a rear naked chokehold until the police arrived, the second suspect managed to get away.

Speaking at a police headquarters conference, Bryan said he was “angry” when he realized that someone had broken into his home.

Bryan, 33, added, “He was very, very tired and it literally took zero effort to take him down, he put up very little resistance.”

The former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion also claimed he was “borderline ashamed” for taking matters into his own hands, and was glad that nothing bad happened.

Sosa was booked into jail on suspicion of one count of burglary.

And they say wrestler’s can’t fight in ‘real life’.

Watch Bryan and Brianna speak about the incident below:


Big Sean Falls For The Thirst Trap?!

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Nicki Minaj has had jaws dropping and the world debating. Real OR NAH? The Young Money Queen uploaded a cover for her new single “Anaconda” in which she is wearing a pink g-string, tight pink top and a pair of blue and pink air Jordan 6s.

While you think fans would be excited about the release of the new music it seems that the image of Miss Minaj throwing it back has grabbed most of the attention. I mean come on, what would you expect she’s showing the world a full moon!

For some reason no one has picked up on the fact we may be seeing Big Sean feature on the track. The G.O.O.D music rapper posted this on Instagram. “Now every time I perform…”:

We’re glad Sean is keeping his humour about him just days after it was announced that his ex-fiancé Naya Rivera (relationship ended 3 months ago) has just got remarried. Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay for you.

As you can imagine social media has gone mad with memes, with her good friend Drake even appearing in a few.


It hasn’t been all fun and laughter as some have got at Nicki for not being modest and showing any class… Sounds like the 90s all over again Remember when Lil’ Kim got slated for this?


But as we look and admire at the cake Nicki has provided many still ponder if what we are seeing hanging out of the g-string is the real deal or a plastic surgery at its finest.

Not one to shy away from her haters The New York rapper responded on Instagram by saying “Putting out some more #thotSh*t tmrw for the fuq of it. LMFAOOOOO. Thots out here showin puss lips but u mad at da kid.”

The single “Anaconda” is set for release on July 28th.

What are your thoughts on the picture?


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Air Jordan 5 3lab ‘Black/Metallic’

Available: 26/07/14


Size: UK6 – UK13


Air Jordan Future Premium ‘Metallic silver’

Available: 26/07/14


Size: UK6 – UK12


Nike Air Trainer  II PRM Safari

Available: 25/07/14


Size: UK5.5 – UK 13

Happy copping!!!!


JOINT INTERVIEW! Khloe K & French Montana’s First Interview Together On Angie Martinez

Posted by: Caroline SM

It was just last week that radio vet Angie Martinez launched her first official show on NY’s Power 105 after moving from Hot 97, and it seems she is already bringing those juicy exclusives!

Today Angie invited couple of the moment, French Montana and Khloe Kardashian onto her show to discuss their relationship for the FIRST TIME EVER. French talked in depth with Ang, and even let the cat out the bag that his bro-in-law Kanye West would be executively producing his next album alongside Harry Fraud. Montana also revealed that he has a new track entitled “Gucci Mane” featuring Rick Ross and Lil Wayne that was produced by Yeezus. Perks of getting in with Kardashian clan ey.

For starters, French credits Diddy as the culprit behind the Khloe K love connection.

“Khloe cool as hell, man. It was Puff. Puff was the one that put us together. I was like Puff –I forgot how it went.

It was me, Gabby, Ross, Puff, Meek. Everybody was in the studio. Scott [Disick, Kourtney’s husband] was there. Scott was drunk. I was, ‘like I got a party tomorrow’ and everybody was like, ‘we all coming.’ She [Khloe Kardashian] was like ‘Hell yeah, I wanna go.’ Next day Puff was like ‘hit her’ to come to the party.

We end up not going to the party. We just end up chillin’. But nah, she cool peoples. We rockin’.”

Khloe is well known for being the cheekiest and most open about all aspects of her life, and it’s so nice to see she is finally happy after the dramatic break up with her estranged husband Lamar Odom. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star discusses that French is currently observing Ramadan, that means absolutely no eating until sunset, no sex, no smoking and no drinking.

Of course she’s suffering from Montana’s fast too…

“No sex. [It’s] so fun [said sarcastically]. That’s why he’s wearing all white. He’s so pure and holy. … He’s virginal.[Laughs]

“I have been [torturing him]. Every single day. Torture.”

Khloe Kardashian made it clear that she doesn’t care what others have to say about her hanging out with French. She stood up for her man!

“People are gonna comment no matter what. If I dated the most clean cut perfect guy, they’re gonna comment. That’s just the way it is. If I’m having fun and if I like this kid, no one else should care, they’re not f****g him. [Laughs] Or maybe they are, I don’t know.“

French Montana reacted with his signature “haaaaaaaaaaa.”

In the full interview, French discusses recording with Kanye West, appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Bobby Shmurda having a southern flow, getting TMZ coverage and more.


Hottest US Tunes Out This Week – #GRMFreshestOut With Sarah Harrison

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This week we kick off the first instalment of #GRMFreshestOut. Each week our team of experts, headed up by DJ Sarah Harrison and Dwayne Gordon-Harris (BANG Radio’s Head of Music), deliver to you the biggest hiphop, urban and rap bangers released within the last 7 days in US and UK music.


Vado Feat. Chinx & 2 Chainz & Ace Hood – You Already

Man, Chinx is spending overtime with French Montana – the dude sounds exactly like him! Not complaining though, that Coke Boyz imprint fits perfectly in this We The Best Music led track. Headlined by Vado and supported by fellow Ace Hood alongside the King of Dumb Rap (that’s a compliment) 2 Chainz, “You Already” has a dope syncopated (off-beat!) feel to it, with a nice little straight clap break-beat for the ladies to twerk to. But back to the head nodding lads, this record is almost like the younger brother to “They Don’t Love You No More”. What’s your favourite verse? Vado’s hard you know.

DJ Self Feat. Maino & Vado & Big Bz & Uncle Murda – I Be About It [prod. by Addixs]

There’s an evident trend in DJs headlining tracks right now. New York’s DJ Self who gave the streets that “Yeah, OK” anthem earlier this year (which saw appearances from Yo Gotti and Fabolous), has just dropped another bomb with a line-up of pure New Yorkers. “I Be About It” comes in hard, just like the lyrics suggest. No room for slacking in the Big Apple; if you don’t take my word for it, you’ll definitely take Maino’s!

Dave East – Red Bottoms [prod. by RicoBeats]

Met this kid from Spanish Harlem out in New York at the top of the year. Fell in love with his articulation and attack despite him spitting over 100-110 bpm beats like this Red Bottoms joint. Sounding much like a Travis $cott inked instrumental, this banger comes in at track 3 on his newly dropped mixtape ‘Black Rose’. The drop is just nuts, I have to wheel it as soon as that first 808 touches the floor – it’s MAD. A download is necessary.

Ca$h Out Feat. Juicy J & Ty Dolla Sign & Lil Boosie & Kid Ink – She Twerkin (Remix)

Everybody has a little ratchet in them; well if not, you will after this heavy strip-club anthem. I’ve been spinning this Cash Out banger for exactly a year now, and I don’t know what took so long for it to receive this facelift. Worth the wait though – the cast is nice and mixed with East and West coast voices. I think Kid Ink has really been proving his versatility, jumping from homegrown Bay Area vibes to Steve Aiko’s EDM ‘Delirious (Boneless)’ to this Southside ratchetness – good going Kid!

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Snoop Dogg & Ty Dolla $ign – You And Your Friends [prod. by DJ Mustard]

Melodic, bouncy, fun, catchy… this track is gonna ring off for the rest of the summer. This Bay Area, West Coast sound is just so addictive, and too right it makes “You and Your Friends” feel good. Ty Dolla delivers yet another brilliant hook which I can envision a group of mates singing along too (off-key obviously) at the end of a drunken night! This song feels like “Young, Wild and Free” Part 2 – once again the double OG brings his loveable Uncle swagger alongside nephew Khalifa’s youthful energy. Anybody wanna jump on a flight to Cali after bumping this tune a couple of times?

Make sure you check out Dwayne’s Top 5 Hottest UK Tracks Out This Week!

Meet The Writer – Sarah Harrison

I breathe, eat and sleep music first and foremost… so that makes me a full-time music fiend. That’s an alternative way of saying I’m a DJ! Based in London, I live between the clubs and the airwaves… and a couple of big stages in between. Recently crowned Official DJ for rising club night FADED, as well as Tour DJ for Paigey Cakey & Misha B, BANG 103.6FM is where you will routinely find the #LadyInTheTRAP every Wednesday 7-10pm - that’s my street-smart alias by the way! I’m a fan of all music, but like languages, I can speak only 1 fluently and that’s Hip-Hop.

Follow: @imSarahHarrison

Hottest UK Tunes Out This Week – #GRMFreshestOut

Posted by: Caroline SM

This week we kick off the first instalment of #GRMFreshestOut. Each week our team of experts, headed up by Dwayne Gordon-Harris (BANG Radio’s Head of Music) and DJ Sarah Harrison, deliver to you the biggest hiphop, urban and rap bangers released within the last 7 days in UK and US music.


Stormzy – Not That Deep:

Arguably the most talked about rapper on the UK scene at the minute (and deservingly so), Stormzy’s work rate and product quality are a dangerous combination. Punchlines, metaphors and quotable bars are in abundance . The Dreamer’s Disease EP, which was expected to drop Sunday gone, is just days away from the official release and is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated mixtapes from a UK rapper in some time.

Skrapz – Mission Impossible:

Skrapz is definitely back! When it comes to identity in UK rap, Skrapz has one of the most distinctive flows and personas in the business. In true Ice City Boys fashion, from the bars to the visuals, the content is flashy and fierce. This release shows how much of an impact Skrapz can have when he’s active in music, hopefully we see some more visuals and releases from him before the years out.

Youngs Teflon – Hustlers Dont Die (Pt.3):

The previous two instalments to Hustlers Don’t Die have been impressive and Part 3 matches if not exceeds its predecessors. Tef’s story telling flow matches the mellow beat perfectly and you’ll probably find yourself listening a few times – only criticism- it should have been longer!

G-Frsh Feat. Sonny Reeves – Hardest Part:

G Frsh’s consistency continues. The latest release from his upcoming project ‘Alfie’, is similar to previous single “Falling High” in terms of the formula- enough lyrical substance to make you pay attention to the story he’s telling, great production and Sonny Reeves’ vocals to make it a track that sounds easy on anyones ears.

Kobi Onyame Feat. KOF – Call Out My Name: 

This track covers a topic relatable to many and is complimented by an infectious beat that makes it hard not to feel this. Kobi keeps the flow relatively simple, letting the emotion filled bars do most of the work, Kof’s contribution on the hook adds the finishing touches to a track that can be appreciated by the rap enthusiast as well as those whose ears are slightly more mainstream.

Make sure you check out DJ Sarah Harrison’s Top 5 Hottest US Tracks Out This Week!

Meet The Writer – Dwayne Gordon-Harris

The real musical journey started for Dwayne as a kid trying to mix cassette tapes with radio recordings on his dads dual cassette deck. In his early teens, after a year or so dabbling with grime and emceeing, he reverted to his first real interest within music – DJ’ing.

Dwayne began collecting music, studying pirate radio and old Jamaican video footage and familiarising himself with any music software he could find. By the age of 15 his collective ‘Strictly Music’ (with partner G-Star) was on pirate radio stations and within the first year, being booked for house parties and clubs throughout London.

Strictly Music grew in experience and skill and successfully played at and put on events in London, Kent, Nigeria and Ayia Napa up until 2011. After many years in clubs, he turned his attention to not just playing music but exploring the artists behind it. Starting as a contributor at The Cut Magazine before taking the position of Music Editor up until 2013- interviewing artists in all musical genres from Miguel to Flirta D to Tarrus Riley.

Today, Dwayne is the Head of Music at one of the leading urban radio stations in London as well as managing talent and providing audio production services for a number of organisations.

Follow: @dstrictlymusic

The Amazing Spiderman 3, The Sinister 6 and Uncharted – Sony Announce Release Dates!

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Earlier this week Marvel dropped their 5 year plan with regards to movie releases, now it appears Sony Pictures are following suit. For fans who were anticipating ‘The Amazing Spider Man 3′ it has been reported that the date will be pushed back another 2 years from the original release of June 10th 2016, to May 4th 2018. So just in time for the 2018 World Cup!

For those wondering why Spiderman has been pushed back, it’s because Sony Pictures have decided to turn the game series ‘Uncharted’ into a movie. The film will be released on it’s original date (which was meant to see the return of Peter Parker) on June 10th. Mark Wahlberg was set to play the lead character Nathan Drake but rumours have surfaced the part could go to the likes of Ben Affleck or Christian Bale.

Its not all bad news for Spiderman fans as the spin off ‘The Sinister Six’ will be released on November 11 2016. Not quite Spider-Man 3 but it will do I guess.

So it looks like May 2016 will be the month of epic movies with the likes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice, Captain America 3 and The Amazing Spider Man 3 all competing to break box office numbers. We’d like to predict that world record popcorn sales will also be broken in May 2016.

worlds-finest-superman-batman-feature  3851461-2834659651-capta amazing_spider_man_latest-1920x1200

So what is it going to be? Are you backing Spiderman, Captain America or Batman vs Superman?

Dora Martin – #AAAKA Get To Know

Posted by: Caroline SM

Dora Martin is the fusion of two thriving London-bred solo artists. The progeny is comprised of singer/song writers Cherri Voncelle (Cherri V) and Jermaine Riley.  The pair were often described by their peers as each other’s musical mirror image, and with career paths running parallel to one another, over time the connection was undeniable. Having both experienced the roller-coaster of talent shows, song writing camps, 3-piece groups, major record deals, several mixtape releases and touring the world, it only made sense for the pair to join forces. 2012 saw Voncelle and Riley come to the realisation that the timing was right to turn the page on a new musical chapter; together. Receiving world wide accreditation for their debut project ‘Coalition’, the duo are bringing back that touch of realRnB that we have been missing for so long.

We caught up with the pair last week on behalf of KA Drinks #AAAKA’s Get To Know…

First off, for those who don’t know you both have a longstanding history of being in groups then going solo. When artists transition from a group to a solo career, they never usually go back again! What made you come together?

J: I was moving onto my second album after Hello Earth and Cherri was busy touring the world with Jessie J. We’d both come to a point where we wanted to do something innovative, ground breaking- something different that was going to stand out. The timing was good; the stars just seemed to align!

So just break down the name for us. Dora Martin. What is the origin?

Cherri: When we decided to do the project I was travelling a lot so we’d be talking on Skype and J started calling me Dora the Explorer because I was constantly in different places! I’ve always said that J is somebody who’s been through all the dramas in the music industry, but has still been able to pursue his dreams. He never let go of what he wanted despite the ups and downs. I always related that to Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream”. So we just kinda put the two names together and ended up with Dora Martin!

You dropped your debut body of work ‘Coalition’ at the tail end of 2013.  You received heavy support from all over the World… Japan, Nigeria, across Europe. The infamous 106 and Park even premiered your first video “Skyline”, what was it like to receive that much support so early on?

J: It was surreal! We spent so much time on it; we had seen it grow from just an idea to shooting the videos ourselves. For Skyline to leap to 106 & Park was crazy for us but it was a great sign that we were doing something right.

Talk us through a typical session together… Who wears the trousers between you guys?

J: My method of working closely with someone is interjecting ideas, seeing them blossom and then feeding them and bouncing off each other. We’re both very creative people but I’m very conscious to always let Cherri express as much as she wants to as well. It works two ways.

Are there certain songs that are based off of one of your personal experiences or the other? Or do you usually find a common ground when penning a track?

C: It depends- every song on Coalition is about what either one of us experienced or something that both of us can relate to. I guess with life, love, experiences, friends, industry stuff… we can both relate on a lot of the same subjects.

To find out what it was like touring with Brandy, and what’s to come for Dora Martin check out the full interview over at KA Drinks.

Don’t forget to enter our competition to WIN the chance to be an extra in the #AAAKA winners video! Just click here.

J Cole Brings Drake & Kendrick Lamar Out In LA!

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Celebrating the 5-year-anniversary of The Warm Up, J. Cole rounded up his “Dollar & a Dream” 2014 tour in LA’s Belasco Theater last night for two sold-out shows. Just a few nights after bringing out Trey Songz in Miami, the Roc Nation rapper kept the surprises coming as close friend Drake joined him on stage. Drake performed a medley of songs including “0-100″, “Worst Behaviour” and “Trophies.”

Then this happened:


Then this happened (yes that is Kendrick):

Did J Cole really proceed to bring out KENDRICK LAMAR after Drake made that comment?! A $1 entry fee? Remind us why we’re not in LA again please.

And if you missed the fact the Kendrick Lamar is dropping a new album at the end of this year, find out all the details here.

NEW KENDRICK ALBUM!? All the details here…

Posted by: Caroline SM

Kendrick Lamar is officially covering the August/September issue of Complex magazine and has revealed a couple of interesting things about his forthcoming album which will be the follow up to his incredible debut, Good Kid M.A.A.D city. He’s set himself some pretty big shoes to fill right?

GKMC was officially released back in October 2012, so it’s understandable that Kendrick fans are getting impatient. Here’s what we know:

- Kendrick said he’s “flirting with ideas” when it comes to the album title, and he’s already recorded 30-40 songs for the new LP.
- He’s been in the studio with TDE’s in-house producers, Tae Beats and Sounwave of Digi+Phonics, as well as his Aftermath head Dr. Dre.
- Fans should be ready for a fourth quarter release in 2014.

Amongst other gems in Complex’s narrative, it was revealed that “F*ckin Problems,” A$AP Rocky’s massive hit, was in fact originally made for GKMC but was left off because it didn’t fit in.

It seems that Kendrick is strategically plotting his return, with a feature on Mike WiLL Made It’s “Buy The World” release alongside Future and Lil Wayne, as well as jumping out as a surprise guest at J Cole’s finale of the Dollar And A Dream tour in LA last night. More video updates of that one to come!

Are you looking forward to the next album? Be sure to check out the full interview over at Complex.

This WILL Make You Happy! Ugandan “Ghetto Kids” Can Dance Better Than You

Posted by: Caroline SM

This video of Ugandan ‘ghetto kids’ dancing in their front garden has swept the internet, racking up over half a million views in a matter of days.

Check out the viral of the kids below, dancing to “Jambole” by Eddy Kenzo. Yes, they are better than you:

But this isn’t the first time. Eddy Kenzo, The Big Talent boss, became a global representative for Uganda after his “Sitya Oss” song went viral on internet, thanks mainly to the magical dance moves of the same ‘ghetto kids’ featured in the video. He has since topped charts in Uganda and also on the international scene.

Eddie Kenzo has promised not to leave the kids behind, saying that he’d take them with him for shows where he is invited to perform.


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dropping 4th August >><<

Introducing The Game’s Newest Signee: D.U.B.B

Posted by: Caroline SM

If you have been paying attention to The Game and his Instagram lately, you have probably been wondering who his latest companion is. We introduce to you, D.U.B.B.

Take a listen while we break it down…

An acronym for Determined-Unique-Beyond-Belief, Dubb is The Game’s latest signee signee to Blood Money La Familia alongside another West Coast rapper named Skeme. Game took over Big Boy’s show on Power 106 FM to explain Dubb’s role as his latest addition stating, “I had Dubb when he was younger but he wasn’t angry enough, so I couldn’t sign him up.”

“Those are the only two, apart from Kendrick that really spit, so I did what I had to do, and we solid now”.

But Dubb wasn’t randomly walking across the street when Game first spotted him. Having released over a dozen mixtapes, from The Departure, The Layover, Black Box and his latest mixtape, Never Content, the Californian rapper has most definitely put the work in, and has proven to be the angry wolf Game needs in his team.

Dubb, real name Quincey White is not only working on a project with Game, but he’s also working on another mixtape entitled ‘Perfect Timing’, which can be expected late 2014/early 2015.

After a recent conversation with Dubb’s manager, Shyan “Chippy” Ellis, the fans can expect Dubb to continue to have a very pro active year.

With all the chaos of signing with Blood Money Familia, touring the US on his solo tour and now touring with Game, Dubb still finds time to give back to his fans, releasing three phenomenal tracks entitled Believe and Run To and Mistakes

When I asked Dubb what his motivation is, he replied: “You’re not successful until your family is successful”.

Check out two of our recent favourites Believe Run To below:

Follow Dubb on Twitter

Words by Harvey Lindsay

VLOG: Hiphop Allstars Kick It For Charity!

Posted by: Caroline SM

Both Chris Brown and Quincy (step-son of Diddy incase you aren’t familiar) spent their weekend kickin’ it for a good cause.

The two hosted and played as team captains for an LA based celebrity kick ball charity event, ‘Kick’n It For Charity’, Team Black Pyramid (Breezy) vs. Team Quincy. The game took place in Glendale, with celebrity players including The Game, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Kylie and Kendal Jenner, Desean Jackson, Kevin McCall, Paris Hilton, DJ Khaled and a few other familiar faces. Trayvon Martin’s parents were also spotted, alongside Amber Rose and KeKe Palmer.

Obviously DJ Khaled had to capture the event in a Vlog for us at home. Check this out:

CRAZY FEATURES! DJ Mustard New Album Alert

Posted by: Caroline SM

At just 24 years old, DJ Mustard is a name we are becoming increasingly familiar with. If the name isn’t one you recognise you’ll certainly know his ‘mustard on the beat h*e’ intro that’s labelled across all of his 11 top ten hits and vast hiphop catalgoue.

We are excited to hear that the multiplatinum producer behind hit tracks such as; Tyga’s “Rack City”, YG’s “My N*gga” and “Who Do U Love”, Tinashe’s “2 On”, T.I.’s “No Mediocre” (and wayyyyy more), is now readying his own album.

Yesterday the heavy hitter announced the release of his debut album 10 Summers’. The 12-track LP will be released exclusively through Google Play on August 12 as a free download and will be available to other digital retailers on August 26th.

“I’m excited to share this music with my fans and Google is a great way to get the music directly to them” says DJ Mustard.

10 Summers will feature Lil WayneRick RossWiz KhalifaJeezy2 ChainzFabolousYGBig SeanYo GottiDom KennedyNipsey HussleTy Dolla $ignEric Bellinger, and Tinashe. This album is certified platinum already.

Check out the full tracklist below along with the album’s official artwork.

10 Summers tracklisting:

1. “Low Low” ft. Nipsey Hussle, TeeCee and RJ
2. “Ghetto Tales” ft. Jay 305 and TeeCee
3. “Throw Your Hood Up” ft. Dom Kennedy, Royce and RJ
4. “No Reason” ft. YG, Jeezy, Nipsey Hussle, and RJ
5. “Giuseppee” ft. 2 Chainz and Jeezy and Yo Gotti
6. “Face Down” ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, YG and Boosie Badazz
7. “Down On Me” ft. 2Chainz and Ty Dolla $ign
8. “Can’t Tell Me Shit” ft. IamSu! and AKAFrank
9. Tinashe Checks In (Interlude)
10. “4 Digits” ft. Fabolous and Eric Bellinger
11. Ty Dolla $ign Checks In (Interlude)
12. “Deep” ft. Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, TeeFlii

Coolio & Pornhub Team Up For New Music Video

Posted by: Caroline SM

50 year-old rapper Coolio has not released an album since ‘From the Bottom 2 the Top’ in 2009 but he has taken a new approach to dropping his latest project.

The “Gangstas Paradise” rapper has agreed a partnership with, where the adult film site will provide the “talent” for his video’s. In return Coolio will debut all his new music on the website.

Coolio’s new video for “Take It To The Hub” has a summer feel to it and features wet t-shirts, garden hoses and bizarrely twerking dinosaurs. There are also cameo’s from porn stars Jessica Bangkok, Missy Martinez and Skin Diamond.

We’re not really sure what to make of this to be honest. But check out the behind the scenes from the video shoot courtesy of TMZ:


Kanye West Speaks On Drake, New Album And Jay Z & Beyonce Wedding No Show In GQ!

Posted by: Rene

Kanye West is set to be on the cover of GQ’s upcoming August issue. The rapper, producer, fashion designer, and rant guru had a few interesting things to say, which may just answer some of the questions we’ve all been wanting answers for…

When it came to Bey & Jay not attending the KimYe wedding he said:

“All that, I wouldn’t even speak on. It doesn’t even matter to me whatsoever, who would show up. Because the most important person to show up there, to me, was Kim. And that’s all that matters to me.”

While speculation and rumours surround the real reason his so called big brother Hov and his Queen B were absent, Yeezy doesn’t seem bothered at all!

Maybe he’s holding it in for a future rant. We could see it go from ‘HOW SWAY’ to ‘ WHY JAY’ 0-100 real quick. (Yes, more about Drake coming up.)

With regards to the new album he said:

“I hope I can get one of these songs out in the next couple of weeks, just to have something up and running. But I think most likely September. When Beyoncé was working on her last album, she took a while. I was thinking it could somehow come out in June, like Yeezus, and just kill it for the summer. But then I’m like, I have to work on Adidas and be with my child.”

Were you lucky enough to attend the London party on Wireless weekend where he whipped out his laptop for an impromptu listening session? Apparently the new music is very dark. With Kanye anything is possible, new material could appear from anywhere at anytime with the most crazy marketing scheme so keep lookout.

On competing with Drake for hiphop reign:

“Yeah. He got last summer. And I’d never given it up till last summer. Now he’s thinking about taking it back. It’s a real question for me. Do I want to?”

He also gave his thoughts on the ‘Yeezus’ album saying:

“I think ‘Yeezus is the beginning of a completely new era of music. It was all new rules. It just broke every rule possible. None of the ideas were popular ideas.”

““New Slaves.” The second verse. I argue that it’s the best rap verse of all time. It’s the ‘Coming to America’ or ‘Anchorman’ of a verse. You know, it’s got the funny shit. It’s got the antagonization. It’s got patterns. It’s got social and political consciousness. It’s got struggle. It’s got bravado. It’s everything that a rap verse is supposed to be.”

“I worked on [my verses] for like eight months!… I think [Rick Rubin] needs to clarify that to people — that I didn’t make it up in that time. I just said them in that time.”

Despite most critics labelling ‘Yeezus’ as one his weakest albums, it doesn’t seem to had fazed Kanye at all. Seeming just as passionate about his creation a year on.

Is Mr west happy? Has he found happiness? His response:

“Family is super cool. Going home to one girl every night is super cool. Just going home and getting on the floor and playing with your child is super cool. Not wearing a red leather jacket, and just looking like a dad and sh*t, is like super cool. Having someone that I can call Mom again. That shit is super cool.”

Be sure to check out GQ to see in full what else Kanye had to say, as well as the suave accompanying photos of Ye modelling his APC collection.

Dereck Chisora Withdraws From Tyson Fury Fight With Hand Injury

Posted by: Raphael

The anticipated rematch between Chisora and Fury has been postponed due to Chisora fracturing his hand in training.

The rivals were schedule to fight this Saturday at the Manchester’s Phones 4 U Arena for the British and European Heavyweight titles.

Billed as an eliminator for the right to meet IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko in the future, the collision was set to be a rematch from their encounter in July 2011 (Fury won on points at Wembley Arena).

In a statement Chisora said, “I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to have to pull out of the fight against Fury but it is on the advice of my specialist that I have to do this.”

“I’m sorry for the fans who will get to miss this great fight between me and Tyson this Saturday but once my hand is healed and I’m given the all-clear to train and punch again, I’ll be working on the new date for the fight.”

The animosity between the two combatants had reached boiling point recently with Fury launching a foul-mouthed tirade against Chisora at a promotional news conference.

Fury reacted to the news of Chisora’s injury on social media, He tweeted “Told you all what would happen find me a real man to fight the furious.”

Tulisa Walks Free From Cocaine Trial

Posted by: Raphael

The former X-Factor judges trial over drugs allegations have been thrown out of court and the star has had her name cleared of any wrong doing.

Tulisa had been accused of brokering a deal to supply £820 worth of cocaine to an undercover reporter, she denied the allegations made against her.

‘Sun on Sunday’ journalist Mazher Mahmood claimed the 26-year-old had arranged a deal through her friend Mike GLC to supply the Class A drug.

At sentencing earlier today, judge Alistair McCreath told the jury that the case “could not go any further” because there were “strong grounds to believe” that Mr. Mahmood had “lied” at a hearing before the trial started.

McCreath added that Mr. Mahmood’s evidence was “entirely inconsistent”.

After the ruling ‘The Sun’ announced that Mr. Mahmood had been suspended “pending an internal investigation”.

Outside the court, Miss Contostavlos said her life had been put on hold for the past year while she dealt with the allegations. She also thanked her fans and legal team for standing by her during these testing times.

Watch Tulisa’s statement below: