News 20 June 2020

Party Boats Banned In Mallorca & Ibiza To Control “Drunken Tourism”

20 June 2020

Party boats have been banned in Mallorca in Ibiza in an effort to sway “drunken” tourism.

The Balearic Island leaders have reportedly been planning a major crackdown on party holiday hotspots including Ibiza, Magaluf, Menorca and Formentera to control the masses of booze-fuelled incidents which have occurred over the years.

The newest measures will see a party boat ban in order to attract more family-oriented tourism to the islands.

In a statement by the Balearic government yesterday, the section for tourism said, “With regard to measures relating to the maritime transport of passengers of a tourist or recreational nature, party boats are prohibited.” 

There is no indication of when, if ever, they might be able to restart.

The new measures will also affect the opening hours of bars, pubs, beach clubs, restaurants, dance halls, cafeterias and nightclubs, and what they can or cannot do will be governed. We can expect a limit on capacity and although some bars can stay open until 2am, others will have a much earlier finish at 10pm.

This comes after it was announced that nightclubs in the Balearic Islands won’t be opening until 2021, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic limiting mass gatherings.