News 6 June 2020

Here is the Premier League TV schedule with details on all-new stadium zones

6 June 2020

The Premier League has confirmed the times, dates and UK broadcasters for the first three-match rounds of the resumed 2019/20 season after it was put on pause due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The released fixture schedule will go ahead as long as all safety requirements are put in place.

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady said, “We are now in the process of agreeing the matchday protocols, which will include everything from zoning the stadium into red, amber and green zones.”

“Red zone will be the most severely restricted area, including the pitch, the tunnel, technical areas, changing rooms will be limited to 105 people maximum, to include players, coaching staff, match officials and all the essential staff only. Only those who have tested negative for Covid-19 in the past five days can enter this area.”

“The amber zone will be restricted to the minimum number of staff required to meet contractual requirements for broadcasting, media and club staff and the green zone is the stadium exterior, e.g car parking.”

Karren also added, “A new strict accreditation process will be developed, including an isolation room should someone, unfortunately, develop symptoms of Covid-19 whilst within the stadium. We also have to ensure players refrain from spitting and everything must be disinfected, including the corner flags and match balls. There can be no sharing of drinks and no handshaking.”

The matches, which will all take place behind closed doors, are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday 17 June
18:00 – Aston Villa v Sheff Utd – (Sky Sports)

20:15 – Man City v Arsenal – (Sky Sports)

Friday 19 June

18:00 – Norwich City v Southampton – (Sky Sports/Pick)

20:15 – Spurs v Man Utd – (Sky Sports)

Saturday 20 June

12:30 – Watford v Leicester City – (BT Sport)

15:00 – Brighton v Arsenal – (BT Sport)

17:30 – West Ham v Wolves –  (Sky Sports)

19:45 – AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace – (BBC)

Sunday 21 June

14:00 – Newcastle United v Sheff Utd – (Sky Sports/Pick)

16:15 – Aston Villa v Chelsea – (Sky Sports)

19:00 – Everton v Liverpool – (Sky Sports/Pick)

Monday 22 June

20:00 – Man City v Burnley – (Sky Sports)

Tuesday 23 June

18:00 – Leicester City v Brighton – (Sky Sports)

20:15 – Spurs v West Ham – (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 24 June

18:00 – Man Utd v Sheff Utd – (Sky Sports/Pick)

18:00 – Newcastle United v Aston Villa – (BT Sport)

18:00 – Norwich City v Everton – (BBC)

18:00 – Wolves v AFC Bournemouth – (BT Sport)

20:15 – Liverpool v Crystal Palace – (Sky Sports)

Thursday 25 June

18:00 – Burnley v Watford – (Sky Sports/Pick)

18:00 – Southampton v Arsenal – (Sky Sports)

20:15 – Chelsea v Man City – (BT Sport)

Saturday 27 June

12:30 – Aston Villa v Wolves – (BT Sport)

Sunday 28 June

16:30 – Watford v Southampton – (Sky Sports/Pick)

Monday 29 June

20:00 – Crystal Palace v Burnley – (Amazon Prime Video)

Tuesday 30 June

20:15 – Brighton v Man Utd – (Sky Sports/Pick)

Wednesday 1 July

18:00 – Arsenal v Norwich City – (BT Sport)

18:00 – AFC Bournemouth v Newcastle United – (Sky Sports/Pick)

18:00 – Everton v Leicester City – (Sky Sports)

20:15 – West Ham v Chelsea – (Sky Sports)

Thursday 2 July

18:00 – Sheff Utd v Spurs – (Sky Sports)

20:15 – Man City v Liverpool – (Sky Sports)