News Videos 27 October 2016

Re-live just how sick the film ‘Boyz N The Hood’ is

27 October 2016

Earlier this week we saw how you can do Black History Month so wrong, BFI however  are doing it very right.

They have joined forces with MOBO Films to celebrate the range, versatility and power of black actors with the series Black Stars.

One event from this series is the nationwide showcase of the 1991 film Boyz N The Hood

Remember when you first saw Boyz N The Hood

I do… Unfortunately I wasn’t old enough (or even born in fact) at the time of its release, but I remember watching it on my tiny computer screen.

Imagine how sick it would be to watch it on the silver screen, with full surround sound complimenting the epic soundtrack to the film.

With the film reaching its 25 birthday this year, it  is being re-released nationwide so we can relive the classic film that launched the career of Cuba Gooding Junior and showed us that Ice Cube aint no one trick pony. 

If you haven’t seen it, a brief rundown; set in Crenshaw LA, Tre Style (played by Cuba Gooding Junior) is sent to live with his dad (Terrence Fishburne) to keep him out of trouble . The film follows Tre, and his friends Doughboy (Ice Cube), Ricky and Chris as they get older. Often called the hood “coming of age” film, it tackles issues that are still current today, with the end credits closing with the line, “Increase the Peace”. 

At 24, it was John Singleton’s first film and the impact of it was so big, that he is the youngest director to receive an Oscar nomination. He went on to direct the brilliant classics Poetic Justice and Higher Learning. The latter of which he was reunited with Ice Cube (and is an amazing film!) 

Amazingly, if you’re a Londoner, you’re in luck. John Singleton will be doing a Q&A session after the 6.15pm showing tomorrow, providing a rare chance to dissect this cult-classic.

Not only are the BFI showing classic the Boyz N The Hood, next weekend, there’s the Hip-Hop Weekender too. In conjunction with the MOBOs, they’re taking it back to the sweet sweet 90’s, playing back to back classics.

Set It Off, Friday, New Jack City, Space Jam, Ghost Dog, The Way of the Samurai, Gridlock’d, Juice and House Party are all being played.

So, before you catch Ice Cube taking on the classic role of Fagin in the new Oliver Twist re-make, check some of his classics out next weekend.