News 11 March 2015
Author: Alex Griffin

The return of #JmesTweetsOfTheWeek

11 March 2015

We started this feature at the top of 2015 bringing you the good, the hilarious and the most serious tweets sent from the nimble hands of Jme. Covering groundbreaking topics such as a grime remix of The Spice Girls and massacring a post office full of people, each week we brought you the best 140 character knowledge darts he had to offer. Then, one day… they were gone.

Jme stopped tweeting unannounced and the world as we knew it ground to a halt. How can we, the people, live with out our guide through life? He was always there to offer advice to those who needed it.

Thankfully, late last night, Jme booted back up his handle and began dropping a slew of Tweets touching on many subjects, including the announcement of his new album ‘Integrity>’. Our guy Griff is back again to round up the biggest announcements and funniest anecdotes from the last 24 hours.

On his new album:

As well as these exclusive details on his new project, Jme embroiled himself in one of the most Jme-esque controversies ever. With perhaps one of the best hashtags of all time, check out the ridiculous exchange below on #SmudgeGate.

Yeah, we’re done too. As well as this gold, Jme also gave us a little insight into his political habits. Safe to say, we hope he doesn’t use that vote come the election.

One final worthy mention has to be this spot-on observation.

Ah, we’ve missed you Jamie. If this day’s worth of hilarity wasn’t enough to tide you over, keep #JmesTweetsOfTheWeek on lock – we will be back with a full edition quicker than you can say ‘Blam’!

Words: Alex Griffin