News 17 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Skepta & Stormzy confirmed for Grenfell tribute single

Author Trudy Barry
17 June 2017

A plethora of love and support has been coming from London (and around the world) since West London’s Grenfell Tower burned on Wednesday evening, including celebrities.

Adele was seen at the Wednesday night tribute and Rita Ora was helping at the donation centres. Now, massive music mogul Simon Cowell is rallying the troops.

Confirming in a tweet earlier in the week Cowell said “I am watching the footage of the Grenfell Tower fire in London. Heartbreaking… We hope to confirm a record tomorrow which will raise some money for the many people affected by this tragedy. Making calls tonight.”

Today seemed to be the day when the track was being recorded as many artists including Rita Ora, Craig David and Leona Lewis were photographed entering a recording studio. It is believed that Skepta, Stormzy, Liam Payne, Emeli Sande and the Who will also feature.

The song will be a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s 1960’s poignant classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

The songs lyrics are painfully apt for the current situation, with the first verse reading “When you’re weary / Feeling small / When tears are in your eyes / I will dry them all / I’m on your side / When times get rough / And friends just can’t be found / Like a bridge over troubled water / I will lay me down”.