News 11 September 2020

Stormzy To Feature As Special Guest Star In Upcoming Ubisoft Game ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’

11 September 2020

It has now been announced that the people’s champ, Stormzy, will star as a special guest in the upcoming and highly-anticipated video game Watch Dogs: Legion.

Set in a Dystopian version of London, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion takes place many years after Brexit in which a ‘defeated government’ lead the country and capital city into a downward spiral. As the description reads, players are then tasked with recruiting “a well-rounded resistance to overthrow the wankers ruining this once-great city”.

In the game, Stormzy will have his own mission titled Fall On My Enemies where players have to help protect a broadcast of his song “Rainfall”.

Speaking on his guest appearance in Watch Dogs: Legion in a video revealing the news, Stormzy said: “You lot are about to have your minds blown.

“What they have done in terms of recreating London is the most insane, epic, incredible thing I’ve ever seen so I’m honoured to be a part of it.”

Ubisoft have not yet said whether Stormzy will be a playable character but we’ll be able to find out when the game is launched on October 29.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at Stormzy’s role in the game!