News 18 September 2016
Author: Nathan

The 5 best freestyles you missed this week

Author Nathan
18 September 2016

As lovers of the UK rap and grime scenes, there is nothing we love more than seeing our favourite MCs and rappers take to the mic for a freestyle.

Whether be an up and comer looking to prove their worth on the mic to a veteran doing what they do best, a freestyle can sometimes make or break a hype. With established platforms such as Fire In The Booth, Warm Up Sessions and GRM‘s very own Daily Duppy, there have been a number of new channels and outlets that have been pushing out sick freestyles and sets. We have rounded up 5 of the best, as we present the first edition in our brand new weekly segment.

1. The Joints Show w/ Big Zuu (Prez T, Milli Major & Jack Dat)


“Part of the greatest collective, what can I say. I’m too selective, what shall I spray?”

Big Zuu
‘s The Joint Show on Radar Radio has been growing in popularity as the weeks go on and the hype doesn’t seem to be slowing down with this week’s special guests, Bloodline’s Prez T and Milli Major. As with any freestyle, Prez T takes to the mic and shows off his energy and charisma as he talks on everything from the old school Merdian days to why he is the self proclaimed “King of Grime”. Milli Major switches up the flow with an aggressive flow that hits you with punches left, right and centre. The chemistry between the two is clear and takes us back to the early sets that the two collaborated on. The mix of instrumentals is very nostalgic with a blend of classic grime and garage instrumentals from DJ Jack Dat – including Oxide & Neutrino‘s “Bound 4 Da Reload”. The best part about the show is a mixture of freestyles, humour and listener questions.

2. Potter Payper – Westwood Capital Xtra


“It’s either me or them, so I’m just trying to JLS and make sure your heart don’t Beat Again!”

Having just dropped his new mixtape, Training Day 2 which is providing a much needed fire boost to the UK rap scene, we knew it would only be a matter of time before Potter Payper linked back up with Tim Westwood. Potter has featured on Westwood’s show a number of times and stepped up to the occasion each time and this time was no different. Spitting over a variety of tracks, Potter does what he does best as he spoke on the reality of life in Britain while showing his anger to the haters. It is perfect freestyle for those who love the classic Potter or those new listeners who have just discovered him. His reference game is crazy but refreshingly different, with the aforementioned JLS bar as well as “my new thing looks like Samantha Mumba”. Mad.

3. Kyzo – BL@CKBOX Freestyle


Mum said I make her proud and I remind her of my Dad. That shit really touch me, had a ni**a feeling mad!”

The BL@CKBOX platform is becoming one of the platforms used by underground UK artists as a way to put themselves on and showcase their talent to a wider audience. As well of highlighting names such as Abra and Dave, it has also shone light on a lot of young, upcoming talent. This week saw West London’s Kyzo take to the mic to deliver a sick freestyle talking on his personal life. While it may seem like a story that’s been heard before, the highlight comes from Kyzo using his story as a basis to teach. It also seems as if there is an internal battle going on as he talks about “kindness being taken for weakness” alongside the serious consequences of the road life. One thing that is clear above all is his dedication to make music work and this freestyle could certainly be the beginning.

4. Berna – 1Xtra Freestyle for Sian Anderson


“If you’re feeling the kid, then tun up your speaker. Late night creeper, black Grim Reaper, if you got something to say, speak up!”

Talking about BL@CKBOX, one MC that had a great showing was Berna, who head down to 1Xtra this week to shell down a quick freestyle for Sian Anderson. F*cking hell, straight out of the gate Berna delivers with a skippy, almost nostalgic flow that should see his name grow in weight. Talking on everything from girls, his MMLC crew and money, its not just his content which impresses but his delivery – which seems way past his age. The comments blew up claiming that he is the “next to blow” and saying that he should work with everyone from Chip to Abra. The 1Xtra stage is certainly looking to put on the next generation of UK talent and Berna is certainly in that list.

5. Block 6 – Westwood Crib Session 

“I pulled with YGs. Man be moving like Tyga, got me fucking with white with Kylie!”

Since its inception, Tim Westwood‘s Crib Sessions have seen the likes of Joe Grind, J Hus, Sharky Major and 67 pass through and in the past few months, have seen the light shined on the drill scene. Following in this tradition was South London’s Block 6 who came through looking to show why they should be listened to.The joints and the drinks come out, as A6, Ratz, Ghost, Lz, Skyz, Zino, Greedy and Wiggie all drop bars. The thumping beats lend themselves as a perfect backdrop to the aggressive, stabbing hooks and lyrics from Block 6. With drills’ success in the past few years, Block 6 look to be next up to fly that flag.