News 1 May 2020

Unknown T Talks Being Sent To Prison, Brooklyn Drill Movement & More With ‘The Face’

1 May 2020

East London’s Unknown T recently chopped it up with The Face magazine and during the chat, he spoke on a number of different topics.

The “Homerton B” rapper was recently released from prison after being cleared of murder charges in a well-documented case and he speaks on his incarceration with The Face.

When asked about his time behind bars, Unknown T said: “I feel like a lot of youths [of] my generation find it difficult to speak upon what they go through inside. And like, I was going through a difficult time.

“But it’s like… without the people around, I wouldn’t have coped from what I’ve gone through. Mentally, I did go through a lot of pain through the situation. But it’s all about how you overcome that pain.”

While Unknown T was locked up, the UK drill sound travelled across the pond to Brooklyn, New York and he also opens up on his thoughts on the movement in the States, describing the UK’s influence on U.S. rap as a “beautiful feeling”.

“I feel like our culture is getting a lot of recognition right now. And for me it’s a beautiful feeling because it actually helps me flourish in this industry, because right now this is what people are attracted to listening to,” Unknown T said.

The rapper has said now that since being fresh home, he has been focused on focusing on bettering himself and is working on a brand-new mixtape.

Click here to read the interview between Unknown T and The Face in full.