News 7 April 2020
Author: Courtney W

WhatsApp Introduces New Measures To Stop Spread Of Fake News

7 April 2020

Are you sick of family members constantly sending you misinformation related to coronavirus? Well WhatsApp has now come up with a new method to try to stop just that.

The popular messaging app has now restricted how many forwarded messages can be sent at one time.

WhatsApp announced earlier today (April 7) that “frequently forwarded” messages – defined as messages that have already been forwarded 5 times – will only be allowed to be forwarded to one user at a time.

The company said in a blog post: “We’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of forwarding which users have told us can feel overwhelming and can contribute to the spread of misinformation.

“We believe it’s important to slow the spread of these messages down to keep WhatsApp a place for personal conversation.”

The introduction of a limit on frequently forwarded messages is a part of WhatsApp’s plans to reduce the amount of COVID-19 misinformation which has been circulating on WhatsApp recently.