News Videos 3 January 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

10 most viewed music videos of 2016 [CORRECTION]

3 January 2017

On New Year’s Eve, we published a list of the 10 most viewed UK rap and grime music videos of the year. Unfortunately, due to oversight on our part over the holiday period, we made an error.

Yungen’s single, “Take My Number” featuring Angel, actually racked up a whopping 7.5 million views at the time of writing. It was included in an original draft of our list, but was lost in the interim time between publishing.

That would place it at number 5 on our list, between the good company of 67 and Nines. It would also knock his Play Dirty brother Konan out of the top 10. We’d like to sincerely apologise to Yungen for the mistake and send our congratulations on a monumental year. We can’t wait to hear the new music!

There’s also a very tight line between Stormzy’s “One Take” freestyle, Mist’s “Karla’s Back” and Kano’s “3 Wheel Ups”. At the time of writing, Kano’s song actually has more views than Stormz, although it has fluctuated between the three.

The correct list is as follows:

1. Stormzy – “Scary”
2. Skepta – “Man (Gang)”
3. Abra Cadabra – “Robbery” (Remix ft. Krept & Konan)
4. 67 – “Let’s Lurk” (ft. Giggs)
5. Yungen – “Take My Number” (ft. Angel)
6. Nines – “Trapper Of The Year” (ft. Midge)
7. MoStack – “Liar Liar”
8. J Hus – “Friendly”
9. Mist – “Karla’s Back”
10. Kano – “3 Wheel Ups” (ft. Giggs)

Buy “Take My Number” on iTunes here and “3 Wheel Ups” here.

The original feature reads below.

In 2016, several big records were put out by a variety of artists and most of these were released alongside well-directed videos. Some artists decided to keep their visuals plain and simple while others opted for a more elaborate look. Despite this, many artists had plenty of success with their videos regardless of their video choices and many have gained millions of views. Below are ten of the highest viewed videos of 2016 (in descending order) so check them out to reflect on the biggest releases from the last twelve months.


10. Konan – “Last Night in LA” 5.5 million views


Over the past few years Krept and Konan have been able to demonstrate their talents as a duo but in early 2016, Konan decided to impress the world as a solo artist on “Last Night In LA”. The track which premiered here on GRM is three and a half minutes of Konan displaying his lyrical abilities through his witty wordplay and cold flow. The visuals are equally as sick as the bars and show Konan and his squad taking in every metaphor and pun. Whether or not Konan decides to drop another solo track in 2017 isn’t clear at the moment but we can definitely expect more cold bars from him and Krept in the new year.

9. Stormzy – “One Take Freestyle” 5.6 million views


Kicking off the year was Stormy’s take on this mad Rude Kid beat, originally featured on his collab mixtape with Ghetts, 653. For the vid, Stormz takes Tokyo by storm, hanging out in hotel rooms and probably being the tallest person in the country in his blue Adidas. For such a hype beat, you knew the south boy would have to send for someone and Stormzy chose boxer Dillian Whyte. Whyte reckoned he could knock Stormzy out, Stormzy was less sure. Also on the end of his wrath was the entire BRITs awards show.


8. Mist – “Karlas Back” 5.6 million views


Another massive record from 2016 was made by Birmingham native Mist in the form of “Karlas Back”. On this big tune, we learn about Mist’s fast-paced life which includes “grafting” in the studio to the early hours to shelling down shows in Leeds. Mist also mentions his goals and his daughter on Karlas Back and his ability to rap honestly is what captivates his supporters. The visuals reflect Mist’s fast life and show the Brum rapper riding on a quad bike and celebrating with his team. If Mist’s success is anything to go by, we can expect the next twelve months to be a huge year for Birmingham artists.

7. J Hus – “Friendly” 6.3 million views


It’s actually mad to think this song came out almost a year ago, because you’ll definitely still hear this one regularly in the club.The genre defying track has been lighting up dance floors all year due to it’s unique mix of hip hop, grime, dancehall and afrobeat vibes.


6. MoStack – “Liar Liar” 7.2 million views


The visuals for MoStack’s wavey summery jam dropped the day after Notting Hill carnival, the kind of vibes the song suits for sure. The track would go on to be remixed with Krept and Konan and J Hus on the beat (more on that later) but that’s not comparing to the original banger. Keep your eyes peeled for bare cameos including Stormzy and Wretch 32.


5. Nines – “Trapper of the Year” 7.3 million views


Nines’ single “Trapper of the Year” was accompanied by equally as sick visuals which show the Ice City rapper’s lavish lifestyle. Icy jewellery, expensive cars and designer cars all make appearances in the cold visuals and they represent Nines’ hustle. The track itself isn’t a speaking-blowing banger but the Church Road rapper’s laid-back flow sits well on the calm X-Supply-produced instrumental. Nines has been making major moves for years now and he recently made one of his biggest moves yet by signing to XL Recordings. New year, new deal, new music? Hopefully.

4. 67 – “Let’s Lurk” (Feat Giggs) 7.6 million views


The beginning of 2016 also saw the output of several trap bangers and one of them came from the south London collective 67. “Let’s Lurk” is a raw-sounding trap record which sees the group go back to back to spit some cold lyrics. As well as their quick ad-libs, the group are also joined by Giggs to add to the gritty nature of the tune and the Landlord doesn’t disappoint. The 67 boys have been busy shaping and developing their sound in recent times and it’ll be sick to see what they put out in 2017.

3. Abra Cadabra – “Robbery Remix” (Ft Krept & Konan) 7.8 million views


The “Robbery” remix is one of the biggest anthems of 2016 (if not the biggest) and this is emphasised by the millions of views the video has racked up since its release in July. The drill track is dominated by Abra’s catchy hook which he delivers with his distinctive tone. The mood of the record completely contrasts with Krept and Konan’s chart-topping single “Freak of the Week” but the pair are versatile artists and effortlessly tackle the dark vibe of the record. Robbery Remix was so well-received in the UK that it managed to win a MOBO award back in October for ‘Best Song’. It looks like Abra Cadabra has no plans to slow down any time soon as he has continued to put out more cold tracks and verses since the release of the Robbery Remix.

2. Skepta – “Man (Gang)” 7.9 million views


In 2015 Skepta released his highly praised single “Shutdown” and in 2016, he was able to create another anthem in the form of “Man (Gang)”. Man, with its contagious energy, is a hype-filled track which Skepta uses to shout out his team. From shutting down Visions nightclub in east London to trashing a car on the street, the retro-looking visuals capture the Boy Better Know frontman spreading his high-spirited vibe in different settings in London. 2016 has been a massive year for Skepta as he has achieved a considerable amount, including winning the Mercury Prize Award for his well-received album Konnichiwa. After receiving the award, he went on to perform Man and this emphasises the celebratory aspect of the track

1. Stormzy – “Scary” 11.7 million views


Stormzy spent the majority of 2016 headlining shows and festivals and working on his debut album so his output of music was pretty limited. However, in April the south London rapper gifted us with a three-minute track titled “Scary”. The record is dominated by faint, haunted vocals in the background and they assist Stormzy in creating a bleak mood. Despite this, Stormzy’s delivery of his bars balance out the gloominess of the record as they provide a vibrant spirit. At the beginning of the video we are told “The album is coming” and we can only hope that the Croydon artist drops his album in the early months of the new year.