News 8 November 2015
Author: Elle SM

10 Reasons Lethal Bizzle is a grime legend

Author Elle SM
8 November 2015

All about trying something different, Bulmers Cider are bringing grime music to a whole new audience in a very exciting way!

Bulmers Cider’s #LiveColourful.LIVE campaign has brought together grime pioneer Lethal Bizzle, rising star Sinead Harnett and Hollywood composer David Arnold to put a new spin on our beloved genre fusing grime, soulful electro pop and a full symphony orchestra!

Check out Lethal Bizzle alongside Sinead Harnett and David Arnold creating their unique collaboration and follow the #LiveColourful.LIVE journey on and on Twitter @bulmers.

Better known these days for his Dench parties & ever growing Dench clothing line, we thought it was a perfect time to remind everyone how Bizzle really made his name & give you the top 10 reasons why he’s a grime legend!

1. He’s a pioneer

Lethal B was one of the co-founders of grime pioneering collective More Fire Crew…

2. He’s been a consistent chart topper

He had one of the first top 10 grime tracks in history with “Oi!” reaching #7 in the UK singles chart back in 2002…

3. Did we say consistent?

Then he did it again in 2004 with his smash hit “Pow (Forward Riddim)” which charted at #11 even after being banned from airplay on some of the major radio stations.

4. He performed at Live 8

Bizzle was one of the only grime artists to ever perform at a Live 8 concert, appearing on stage at the final Live 8 charity show held by Bono in Edinburgh in 2005

5. He’s got his own slang in the dictionary

He created the word ‘Dench’, changing the vocabulary of our country’s youth forever. If that isn’t legendary I don’t know what is.

6. He’s built a national clothing brand

Not only did he create a new word, Lethal (alongside his footballer family member Frimpong) turned his creation into one of the country’s biggest clothing lines and parties too. That really is DENCH.

7. POW! (Again) More chart topping singles

After 7 years, Biz decided to bring back “Pow” with a little help from a few other grime legends and managed to chart top 40. AGAIN. There’s just no stopping this guy.

8. He’s a Mastermind

Lethal appeared on a special Hip-Hop Edition of BBC’s Mastermind with DJ Semtex, DJ Target and Amplify Dot. How many rappers do you know who can say they’ve been on Mastermind?!

9. He’s got moves…

As well as creating new words, Bizzle has blessed us with new dance moves too. BRB just going to workout in my Rari then eat two two chicken, Nandos. Fester.

10. He’s still got buzz, everywhere…

Above all these things, the last but not least reason of why Lethal B is a legend is the fact he’s still here and he’s STILL popping. Having started on pirate radio spitting over grime to creating new words for the Oxford Dictionary, teaching us how to Fester Skank and becoming one of the most successful rappers and entrepreneurs in the scene, there isn’t much about this guy that isn’t legendary. POW!