News 17 April 2015

10 things we learnt from Lethal Bizzle’s Not For The Radio interview

17 April 2015

1) The Blueprint

Take note young MC’s and producers on the come up, Bizzle breaks down his recipe to success and it isn’t all the help of Virgin and big publishing deals. Utilise social media, build your brand and watch your talent spread, new acts such as Stormzy and Novelist are testament to this.

2) The Mc’s off of “Pow!” ate well.

The Dench CEO interestingly breaks down the behind the scenes to pow contractually, the single all bravely funded from his own pocket started as an initial payment of £100 to Fumin, D Double E, Napper, Jamakabi, Neeko, Flowdan, Ozzie B, Forcer, and Demon. The £2,00o video on top of the feature costs was a big risk and payed off when Virgin signed the single and when the single also received a publishing deal, everyone comfortably took home a few thousand each… Grime pays.

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3) What happened with Fumin?

Remember when Fumin and Bizzle weren’t the best of mates? Turns out is was over the payments for “Pow!” that Fumin felt he was owed. With Fumin going as far as attempting to sue Lethal Bizzle as he tried to gain extra money off of publishing and PRS.

4) Bizzle still has the original contracts for “Pow!”

This is one for the hardcore Grime fans, Bizzle has the original deal from the label, the publishing and even the contract for the fees paid to the artists, I speak for everyone when I say I’d be more than happy to get into an ebay bidding war for them.

5) A song with N-Dubz almost happened

And it wasn’t good. Bizzle reveals that during N-Dubz peak, a mainstream single for the radio almost dropped, maybe it’s in his archives and we might get to hear it one day…

6) God is on Bizzle’s side

Anyone who has bought Lethal Bizzle’s new single “Fester Skank” (probably a lot of you as “Fester Skank” enters the top 5 midweek) would have heard Fazer being called out for bankruptcy. During the time of recording the two went back and forth after Fazer’s baby mum was apparently on babe station, and a day after Fazer questioned Bizzle’s money, he reportedly went bankrupt.

7) Lethal Bizzle the millionaire

The MC has been about his money from the start, even driving a Bentley in 2009. Now he makes the statement that he is in the top 3 as the most paid, along side Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal.

8) He wasn’t always rich

You’d be quick to forget about Lethal B’s life before the fast cars as those years are very, very far back into the past. However at one point he was so broke that he had to pawn his chain to get his car back, lesson from the man himself “if you can’t buy it three times, don’t buy it”.

9) Mrs Bizzle is a boss

If you are on twitter showing your disgust at your other halves suggestion of a Nandos dinner date, look away now. She went to the effort of taking Bizzle to see Mayweather fight.

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10) He’s hasn’t gone Hollywood

Claiming he beat Wiley as they famously clashed, Bizzle reminds us that the East London Grime MC managed to single handedly destroy the N-Dubz multi platinum empire. And if you’re big enough, send a shot his way, there’s a good chance he will send one back your way.

Words: Vidal Holness