Interviews News 24 April 2015

10 things we learnt from Megaman So Solid’s #NotForTheRadio interview

24 April 2015

Hosted by Duane Jones a.k.a Vis (Renowned), Posty (GRM Daily) and Chams (Face4Music), Not For The Radio saw another special guest, this time being the legendary Megaman from So Solid Crew.

1) The music business before the internet was a different story

Since the establishment of the internet, iTunes, streaming services such as Spotify and piracy has all constituted to driving down the value of music. Luckily, So Solid became household names prior to this and by doing so, they made a killing. A total of nearly £10million off of advances alone, £1million in album deals and £350,000 for Lisa Maffia and Romeo’s album deals.

2) Why that Dipset show didn’t happen

Who remembers not too long ago when Cam’ron announced a London show, hosted by Skepta…. and Cam didn’t show up? Mega explains why… turns out the Dipset MC was meant to perform previously and didn’t show up either after receiving £100,000 from Mega and his business associates. Safe to say he won’t be coming back any time soon for a show. Check this link briefly documenting the South London and Dipset relationship:

3) Roc-A-Fella and So Solid link up

Once upon a time, Beanie Sigel and the Roc-A-Fella familia came down to Brixton for a recording session and vibes with So Solid

4) The So Solid pendant

One of the most iconic chains (costing around £65,000) in the game, Mega breaks down the price of the pendant and the quality of the diamonds that went into the custom piece.

GRM Daily

5) Asher D vs Dizzee Rascal

Firstly, if you are unaware this clash happened, play the YouTube link and continue reading. Yes, in 2002 on the famous community radio show Choice FM, now known as Capital Xtra they went head to head, and according to Mega, Asher won.. what do you think?

6) The gyaldem sugar

Throughout the interview, the So Solid vet bobs and weaves out of some tricky questions with cleverly articulated political answers. However, when questioned about his relationship with Kelis, Christina Aguilera and Ashanti.. Mega eventually confirms that himself and Kelis were seeing each other.

7) Who has the best verse in 21 seconds?

According to Mega, it’s Mega.

8) A Neptunes remix happened

Superstar Pharrell and Chad Hugo have remixed a So Solid single, however when the So Solid camp received the song, it was deemed not good enough. So they remixed it themselves and it charted well.

9) So S[Only]olid

If he had to have any MC’s from the new generation join the So Solid roster, then it’s Section, and Section only

10) Mega the entrepreneur

With frequent references to businesses and work ethic, Mega’s views on how to make millions and run business subconsciously challenge Dame Dash’s infamous Breakfast Club interview. No two methods are the same so take from this what you will. Mega also speaks on the successes of his clothing line “Cheats and Thieves”, stocking in ASOS and River Island.

Words: Vidal Holness