Exclusives News 3 June 2020
Author: Seth P

11 Black Lives Matter Causes to Get Behind

3 June 2020

Damilola Taylor Trust


The Killing of 10 year old Damilola Taylor in November 2000 was an atrocity that shook the nation to its  core. 

The Trust is committed to providing inner city youth with the support and guidance they need, to avoid the tragic fate of their son befalling another young person. 

Justice For Belly Mujinga


Belly Mujinga was the victim of a senseless and callous act. She sadly passed away after being spat at by someone who claimed to have COVID19. To date there have been no prosecutions, you can sign the petition above to support the pursuit of justice.  To read the full story click here.

Stephen Lawrence Trust


Stephen Lawrence was murdered on the 22nd of April 1993 in a racially motivated attack. It took many many years before anyone was charged with Stephen’s murder, igniting the arguments of institutional racism. The mission statement of the trust is to work towards eradicating any discriminatory barriers put in place to stop young people succeeding.  

Anti Racism Education to be compulsory in UK schools



#BlackOutTuesday was a time we stepped away from social media in an attempt to show solidarity and raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement globally, but also to fill in any gaps we had in our knowledge when it comes to Black history, political events and learn about what racism really means.

However, much of this is not taught in our schools as part of the curriculum. This petition hopes to get anti racism taught as a subject entirely of on own, in attempt to educate students on white privilege, and the many insidious ways in which racism can manifest itself.  

Black Heroes Foundation


The Black Heroes Foundation was set up by Peter Randolph Fraser. Who was the first editor of the iconic Voice Newspaper. It remains the only Afro – Caribbean paper operating in the country today. The mission statement of the Black Heroes Foundation is simple: “Developing cultural awareness, promoting a world where Black Heroes are acknowledged, respected and celebrated”. 

Justice for Windrush


The Windrush Scandal saw many individuals wrongly detained, and threatened with deportation. Most of the victims of this were British born and of Caribbean heritage. As a result many lost their jobs, homes or were denied medical care. The petition aims to simultaneously raise awareness, and get justice for all those involved. 

Suspend UK Export of tear gas, rubber bullets, and riot shields to the USA


With the volatile situation in the United States at the moment, this petition simply hopes for us to stop exporting equipment to a police force who flagrantly abuses human rights. We wouldn’t sell weapons to despotic regime, so by that same token we shouldn’t be exporting to a police force that has a proven track record of abusing the people its supposed to protect. 



BLAM UK, which stands for: Black Learning Achievement and Mental Health aims to have honest and informative dialogue about issues that are affecting inner city communities. In their own words they hope to: “realise that our community outreach sessions could allow for the sharing of pragmatic resolutions to social issues that threaten to fragment the community spirit of London”. 

Ways You Can Help 


Although a stateside based resource, it houses loads of meaningful petitions, and includes plenty of ways for us to get involved actively from here. Amongst the resources on the site, it has information for protestors including information on lawyers doing pro bono work, treatments for tear gas and how to delete your digital footprint. Really one of the most comprehensive resources out there at the moment. 

Black Cultural Archives


The Black Cultural Archives is a heritage centre that is focused on collecting, and celebrating the rich histories of African and Caribbean people in Britain. 

Stop Hate UK


The Stop Hate UK organisation aims to help individuals who have been a victim of racial hatred. The organisation was set up in direct response to the murder of Stephen Lawrence, and the organisation hopes to streamline, and make it easier to report hate crimes.