Exclusives 22 January 2021
Author: Kafui Mensah

GRM Exclusive: 11 Cold Tracks From The FIFA Soundtracks

22 January 2021

The FIFA soundtrack has been known as a staple in British culture since the games inception. With EA introducing fans to new indie sounds of music outside their general listening palate, while still embracing the dominant sounds of the moment.

FIFA’s 2021’s track list was released late last year featuring big names in our scene from Little Simz to Dave, alongside smaller and international artists to incorporate the universal sound of football. This gave us the idea to take a trip down memory lane, so we rounded up our picks for the top 11 tracks we’ve discovered on Fifa.

1.”Where and When” P Money & Giggs

“Where and When” sees the combination of two matured goats on one legendary track. P Money goes into his punchline bag, proving his elite status in the scene alongside Giggs pulling out his iconic lyrical cadence.

The grime track radiates a brash energy, perfect for you to perform to your fullest in those few minutes of added time and pull a clutch win out the bag.

2. “No Problem” Chase and Status

Taking it all the way back to FIFA 12 with Chase and Status’s “No Problem”. It can only be described as electrifying, produced by Alice Ceresole the track encapsulates the sound of 2012 EDM.

3. “OZONE” JyellowL

Produced and engineered by Chris Kabs, JyellowL’s “OZONE” hit the Fifa 2020 playlist with nothing but positive energy.

The track is carried by JyellowL’s mellow raping cadence as he skims through the jumpy production in effortless fashion making for the perfect tune for a chill Fifa session.

4. “Same Old Story” Skepta

The seventh track from Skepta’s 2017 album Ignorance is Bliss. “Same old Story” appeared on the Fifa 20’s playlist quickly becoming a fan favourite. Produced by Skep himself, the track combines the mellow nature of a flute with the brash beat selection of grime, combining for the perfect track for skeppy to flow on.

5. “Location” Dave & Burna Boy

Off his debut album Psychodrama Dave and Burna Boy’s “Location” was the anthem of 2019’s summer, providing feel good tropical vibes all year round

The combination of Dave’s lyrics and Burna’s vocals creates the perfect feel good atmosphere to kick ball with your mates on FIFA.

6. “Scatter” Fireboy DML

EA has never shied away from featuring International talent on their playlists, and on the latest instalment it was Nigeria’s very own afrobeats star Fireboy DML’s chance to shine with his hit track “Scatter”.

Alongside its in your face African beat selection, the track sees Fireboy glide on the production showcasing his vocal range.

7. “Offence” Little Simz

Off of her 2019 album GREY Area, “Offence” made its entrance into the Fifa playlists on the latest 2021 instalment bringing its heavy bass to the high pace gameplay.

8. “Pop Boy” Stormzy & Aitch

The Fred Again x Toddla T produced track made its appearance on the Fifa 2021 playlists with the self proclaimed king of grime Stormzy calling in Aitch on the feature. The fast pace track sees Aitch in his element effortlessly riding the beat with the quick and witty lyrical cadence.

9. “On Fire” Big Zuu, Kamakaze, Eyez, & Capo Lee

“On fire” sees grime’s elite come together to create a legendary final product. The track sees each rapper delve into their own unique lyrical pocket to deliver on a track jam packed with the spirit of grime’s heyday.

10. “Mice” Aitch

Early last year Aitch blessed the scene with his new anthem “MICE”, the track shook up the scene with the mani rapper delving into a jumpy freestyle flow alongside the subtle flute samples.

The track is the perfect for a chill session with the lads, maintaining lavish vibes throughout the three minute single.

11. Beam – “2×2”

Last year Beam took his position in the music industry as one of the most creative artists to drop, and “2×2” is yet another example. The track radiates with culture from the heavy beat selection, to the artists’ unique lyrical cadence.

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