News 13 February 2017

Man finds £11,000 worth of Cocaine in his Nesquik

13 February 2017

A customer in Spain received a little bit of a shock when he opened his Nesquick milkshake.

Instead of the milkshake powder that he’d expected, it was full of a different type of powder altogether: £11,000 worth of the white stuff!

The man purchased the chocolate milkshake in the city of Zaragoza, North East Spain, he realised it was partially open and after discovering the unlikely substance lurking in place of his milkshake, he called the cops.

Spain’s National Police have confirmed that the tub left the factory fully intact, which narrows down the tampering to have taken place in the supermarket itself. 

In a twist to the already bonkers story, the man who found the drugs is now attempting to sue the supermarket. Citing “moral damage”, the man (who has not been named) became some-what of a celebrity after the story turned viral.

Lawyer Francisco Javier Acin said his client was seeking compensation due to the aforementioned moral damages and fear of retaliation from the drug traffickers.

Nesquick’s famous slogan, “A Great Start to the Day”, seems a little ironic now, right?