News 21 April 2023

£12 million worth of gold stolen in airport heist

21 April 2023

Thieves have stolen £12 million worth of gold and other valuable items in a heist at Pearson International Airport.

Peel Regional Police confirmed that a container with more than C$20 million – which exchanges to just under £12m – in gold and other items was taken from a cargo holding area of Canada’s busiest airport after a plane carrying the cargo landed on Monday. .

Speaking in a press conference, inspector Stephen Duivesteyn said, “An aircraft arrived here at the airport in the early evening. As per normal procedure, the aircraft was unloaded and cargo was transported from the aircraft to a holding cargo facility.

“What I can say is that the container [had] a high-value shipment. It did contain gold but was not exclusive to gold and contained other items of monetary value.”

“We feel this to be an isolated incident. Therefore, for the traveling public that are concerned about coming and flying out, they should have no concern. We do not consider this to be a public safety matter.”

The investigation into the heist is ongoing. No arrests have been made yet and the police have not disclosed any further details about the incident or the suspects.

[Image via Shutterstock]