News 5 June 2021
Author: Courtney W

Avelino & Joy Crookes Join Fraser T Smith On Latest ’12 Questions’ Podcast

5 June 2021

Iconic producer Fraser T Smith has returned with the eighth episode of his 12 Questions podcast and sitting down on this episode is rapper Avelino and singer Joy Crookes.

On the 12 Questions podcast, Fraser explores some of the issues raised on his recent album of the same name; inviting his guests to speak on some of “life’s biggest questions”.

Fraser, Avelino and Joy touch on a number of topics in this near forty-minute chat, discussing topics such as self-doubt, love and climate change.

“I feel like some of the stuff that can affect you negatively adds to my confidence,” Avelino says when speaking on self-doubt. “Like, for example, a feeling as simple as self-doubt is a really good thing for me, I find self-doubt to be a really positive thing.

“Why do I find it to be such a positive thing? Because I always think to myself, whenever I have any sense of self-doubt, or anything, you know, the beautiful thing about it is that it’s an indication that you care.”

Take in the insightful conversation below!