Videos 16 November 2020
Author: Kafui Mensah

2 Chainz sits down with Ebro to discuss his latest album, renegotiating his record deal & more

16 November 2020

2 Chainz has sat down with Ebro to talk about his new album, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and renegotiating his record deal with Def Jam.

Earlier this week, Chainz dropped his latest project So Help Me God featuring an all-star roster of features from Kanye to Brent Faiyaz.

In this Apple Music interview, the rapper delves into his creative decisions and behind-the-scenes of the project’s creation, giving us insight into the Atlanta rapper’s vision.

The conversation leads Ebro and Chainz onto various different talking points such as Kanye and Lil Wayne’s political views and more.

Check out the latest Ebro Apple music interview with 2 Chainz above!