News 27 February 2020

This Year’s Tokyo Olympics Could Be Cancelled If Coronavirus Becomes “Real Pandemic”

27 February 2020

For the 2020 Olympics to be cancelled, “the world’s health would have to be at stake” has said International Olympic Committee member (IOC), Dick Pound.

Speaking to Reuters,
Pound said any decision on whether to cancel or postpone the Olympics had a lot of moving parts and would involve the IOC, Tokyo authorities, governments and international agencies who all felt it would not be a safe scenario to hold the event.

He added: “Only if there is the worst possible outcome of this virus and it becomes a real pandemic or world health is at stake then we reluctantly have to say well that’s more important frankly than the Olympics,” Pound told Reuters at the Montreal law firm where he is a partner.

Pound said the IOC remains in constant contact with the World Health Organisation and would need it to weigh in over whether to hold or cancel the Games and consider other options.

“Our plan is that unless the elephant in the room becomes ginormous, we’re going to open the Games on July 24,” Pound said. The committee member also wanted to let everyone training know that the IOC is fully devoted in having them there in July.

“That’s where we’re headed at the moment, and unless we are diverted from that by public authorities and health authorities we’ll go ahead.”