News 12 May 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

21 things we learnt from the Skepta and DJ Semtex interview

12 May 2016

Skepta has sat down with another legend in his own right, DJ Semtex, for an in-depth and insightful interview. It’s the most we’ve seen Skepta talk about his album and beyond in this much detail, and he delved into a wide range of other need-to-know topics. From Dizzee Racal, to Drake, to growing up and life on road, it’s a must watch that’s packed full of gems.

To make things a little easy for you and to give you a real incentive to sit through the whole thing – it’s so in-depth it lasts nearly an hour -we’ve rounded up some of the jewels that Skepta dropped. Read below for 21 things we learnt from the Skepta and DJ Semtex interview.


1. Growing up in London has taught him everything he knows.


2. ‘Ready To Die’ and ‘Doggystyle’ are his favourite albums.


3. He wants to write timeless bars.


4. Jme didn’t rate him in the beginning.


5. His mum inspired him to be a free spirit.


6. His dad inspired his rave techniques.


7. He lived in Manchester.


8. He stopped selling drugs around the time ‘Microphone Champion’ and “Look Out” with Giggs came out.


9. The mainstream industry sent him mad.


10. “It Ain’t Safe” is one if his favourite songs he’s done.


11. Toronto feels like a second home to him.


12. He thinks the UK grime and rap scene is in a great place and will only get better.


13. He told Chip to focus on spreading their sound not clashing.


14. He thinks ‘Konnichiwa’ is a classic.


15. He wasn’t sending for Dizzee on the intro track…


16. …But he is ready to clash anybody who wants it.


17. Frisco, D Double E, President T and Novelist are some of his favourite MC’s.


18. He doesn’t differentiate between UK rap and grime.


19. He says that when he and Stormzy do a song together it will go top 10.


20. He says he’d go hard if he and Drake did a joint mixtape and it could happen.


21. ‘Konnichiwa’ is top 10 in 30 countries.