News 16 November 2017

21-year-old rapper Lil Peep dies after drug overdose

16 November 2017

Rapper Gustav Ahr, also known as Lil Peep, has been reported dead due to a drug overdose.

The 21 year old shot to internet stardom this year and seemed to have an ever growing fanbase to match his potential, as he nurtured his emo and hip-hop blending sound.

With many artists rushing to Twitter to send their condolences, the likes of A$AP Nast have used this opportunity to raise awareness on drug abuse with in the music industry.

Nast tweeted, “Hope this is a big lesson learned to those around him and just kids all around the world who look up to guys like him. Drugs really kill people!!!”

It is clear that drug abuse within the music industry is at an all-time high, as artists continue to glorify the use of Lean, Xanax, Cocaine and MDMA. 

Recently, Wiz khalifia went to Instagram to let his 17.9 million Instagram follows know that “Lean is lame.”

Khalifa commented, “When a lot of people follow one trend or find themselves doing the lame thing that everybody is doing, you don’t really get somebody who speaks for the other side. So, I’m just go ahead and speak for the other side. Lean is lame.”

In his controversial twitter rant, Nast highlighted how important it is to “speak up and say something about the types of lifestyles we all glorify today” after losing ASAP Yams in 2015. 

A lot of fans have criticised Nast for being “insensitive” at this time; however, Nast closed the conversation pleading, “how many gotta go before we actually understand sh*t is real.”