News 1 September 2015
Author: Bernie Mac

3 reasons why Idris Elba is NOT too street to play the new Bond

1 September 2015

Well this is stupid isn’t it? During an interview with the Daily Mail (what a great place to air your opinion by the way), James Bond author Anthony Horowitz said that Idris Elba is “too street” to play the new Bond. In response to that we have got 3 reasons as to why Idris is not “too street” and why we would love to see him be the new Bond


Being “too street” is a cowardly statement. It doesn’t matter if you’ve remixed a song of Skepta’ or come from a lesser background than others, you change your mannerisms and accent and behaviour dependant on the role you are playing, that’s the magic of acting. We all know Idris is an amazing actor, he’s starred in some of the most intriguing and gripping film and television in the past decade; so why take this opportunity away from him when his skills are above most?


My favourite role Idris has ever played was in the TV show Luther. He played a detective (a little bit different to Bond but there are similarities in their characteristics of ‘do whatever to get the job done). He has the experience of playing someone within the services, even though Bond is more espionage, he has the mixture of being suave yet ruthless. If the skills and experience is there, how can you say he is too street? If anything, for a British male, this is a perfect cast.


Daniel Craig starred in one of the most controversial films of the early 2000’s ‘Layer Cake’. Playing the character only known as ‘XXXX’ he was an underworld drug lord and did a lot more than say some colourful language. Albeit, Daniel Craig will not be remixing a Skepta song anytime soon or appearing on the next Lord Of The Mics (Jammer is keen to make anything happen so that could be a possibility in the future), but the character in which Craig played is more street than ANYTHING Idris has played. Double standards don’t seem to be in play here do they?

Idris Elba would be a great cast for the new Bond movie and for once I’d probably go to the cinema and watch it (the last two have been lacklustre to say the least). If Idris was not to get cast, who would you want to see as the new Bond? Better still what are your opinions on Idris being too street for the Bond franchise?