News 8 December 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

3 teenagers found guilty in Mdot manslaughter case

8 December 2016

Three teenagers have been found guilty of manslaughter for their part in the killing of young artist Mdot back in April.

The 17 year old victim, real name Myron Yarde, was cornered and backed up against a wall in New Cross, before being fatally stabbed five times in the leg. He collapsed on the scene and was taken to hospital, but sadly died a short time later.

19 year old Fauz Richards, also known as Mags or Maggie, was one of the boys convicted, as were a two youths aged 16 and 16, who can’t be named for legal reasons.

The altercation had allegedly started over Myron’s stolen bike, which had been taken from his close friend Leoandro Osemeke, aka Showkey, who was borrowing it. Sadly, Osemeke was also killed in an unrelated incident during the interim time and couldn’t appear as a witness.

Myron was said to be armed with a machete when he was lured down Camplin Road, although it was never found. The knife that killed him entered his fermoral artery and caused serious bleeding.

Prosecutor Lisa Wilding QC told the jury, “The events in Camplin Street were a brutal culmination of matters that had begun a couple of hours earlier and arose partly from the theft of a bicycle.

“However, that itself reflected an ongoing tension between groups of youths who lived in different but neighbouring parts of New Cross.”

The 15 year old defendant had allegedly said “I think I’ve killed him” upon finding out that Myron was seriously injured. On his arrest, he told officers, “Some people deserve to die, I just mean not everyone is innocent, including that boy that died.”

All three defendants pled not guilty to murder, before all being found guilty and charged with manslaughter.