News 22 November 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Police attacked by 30 school kids after stop & search goes wrong

22 November 2016

A group of 30 school children reportedly attacked two police officers recently in New Cross, South London, after a stop and search went horribly wrong.

Officers were on patrol when they noticed one boy in a group of youngsters was concealing a large knife. They attempted to search him, but were then greeted by a flurry of punches from other members of the group.

A male officer was repeatedly punched in the face, causing him to fall to the ground, before his female colleague attempted to intervene. She then also got punched in the jaw.

The first officer was taken to South London hospital, after the group continued to attack him whilst he lay on the floor, kicking him in the head and leaving him with severe bruising.

The attack happened on Wednesday November 9th on Goodward Road in New Cross, at about 4PM in the afternoon, presumably when the kids were on the way home from school.

It comes after Metropolitan Police announced they were changing the training officers received on stop and searches to reduce prejudice.