News 25 September 2016
Author: Nathan

The 5 best freestyles you missed this week [002]

Author Nathan
25 September 2016

After the success of last week’s segment looking at The 5 Best Freestyles of the Week, GRM are back with the second edition. This week has seen a number of killer freestyle videos which makes our choosing even harder. But nevertheless, we have sourced 5 artists who have gone that extra mile into making their freestyle memorable. So enough of the talking as we get into this week’s Top 5:

1. Big Tobz – Capital Xtra Westwood Freestyle


Conversations with God and the Devil at the same time, only reason I’m still alive is a miracle!

Big Tobz
has been killing it over the past 12 months with street anthems “Uno My Style“, “My Circle” and “Controlla” and has been no stranger to killing his freestyles with impressive showings on DJ Semtex, Link Up TV and GRM‘s very own Daily Duppy. This week saw him as a guest on Tim Westwood’s Capital Xtra radio show and took to the mic to spit some serious bars. Tobz lets loose over the infamous 67 and Gigg’s “Let’s Lurk” and showcases a variety of flows with his signature dark and husky voice. The freestyle is another reminder of Big Tobz’ presence in the scene and how he is ready for any contenders.

2. Skinny Malone – Wavvy Music Freestyle


0.8 in the baggy, don’t roll through if it’s shabby. Because I’ll take man’s draw and his £10 and say It Wasn’t Me just like Shaggy

The Wavvy Music YouTube channel is relatively new, only starting back in March of this year, but they have already racked up 200,000 views and have featured freestyles from a number of underground and undiscovered artists like Shogun, CHIN and Loki. Their latest edition sees East London’s Skinny Malone drop a freestyle over a Faze Miyake produced instrumental. From the off, Skinny explodes with bars, blending humour and wordplay to make for a very interesting drop. His confidence seems to be sky high and serves as a stark contrast to a more reserved persona that we saw in his 2015 Fire In The Streets freestyle. He is enjoying his music and his character is infectious, making the freestyle even more enjoyable!

3. Potter Payper – #TD2Cypher


I do not fuck with their music, that’s just one bag of noise. That’s just one bag of lies, that’s the wool over your eyes

We included Potter Payper‘s crazy Westwood Capital Xtra freestyle last week and it seems that Potter ain’t slowing down with another killer freestyle session, this time with some special guests. [email protected] dropped the first Training Day Cypher all the way back in 2013 and as Potter dropped the second installment earlier this month, it was only right we returned. This time, he bought through an all star cast of guests, from 67 and Coinz to Youngs Teflon and Big Watch. The bassy and heavy instrumentals [including one from G2E] provide a perfect backdrop for everyone to drop their best bars and Potter stands out for his consitent and hard-hittind delivery which he makes look so effortless.

4. Stardom – Fire In The Booth


I was good with the burner, I can fight with fists. And I was king of the wing like Ryan Giggs!

Hailing from Birmingham, Stardom has made a name forhimself for his emotive and passionate delivery matched with a exceptional and creative wordplay. And there is no better stage to showcase for Stardom to showcase this then Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Booth. As soon as Charlie drops the infamous “Let’s get ready to rumblee!”, he’s let loose, talking on everything from his early ambitions to be a footballer, his time in prison and his family. Freestyling on a blend of instrumentals including Drake’s “4AM in Calabasas”, Stardom is clearly due more recognition and after a time away from music, we are just happy to have him back and firing on all cylinders!

5. Cadet – Daily Duppy


I’ve got set up chicks that Kane your bro but that dont make them Undertakers

Now many might call GRM‘s own inclusion on this list biased, but it would be wrong to not include Cadet in this list as he has absolutely smashes his Daily Duppy. After dropping his “Letter To Krept“, where he discussed personal issues and wanting to be known as more than “Krept’s cousin”, this DD has proved why is very much an establised MC in his own right. The former Gipset man drops a number of metaphors and crazy wordplay, showing that his lyricism levels are simply on another level. We should of guessed he was gonna go in by pleading with us as listeners to catch everything, but it’s probably going to take a handful of spins to comprehend every thing he said. Instantly replayable!