News 12 September 2016

Top 5 pirate radio sets we’d like to see

12 September 2016

Grime has come a long way in the last decade. Whilst it is incredible that our scene has evolved so much, some of us still miss the old school bedroom sets with our favorite MC’s simply shelling for the culture. Here are some of the dream grime sets we would love to see happen one way or another.

D Double E, PK and Mez

Skepta once called D Double E the greatest MC of all time and many fans agree. His unique style, flow and legendary status has never been questioned. Now, imagine D Double E teaming up with two of the most promising MC’s, PK and Mez, on a line up going back to back for an hour. That sounds pretty sick to us! The legendary DEE unleashing classic lyrics, mixed with some of the new hungry bars from PK and Mez, who stylistically borrow from him, would be an unbelievable set with a great energy.


Cadell, Izzie Gibbs and Novelist

We recently saw Cadell and Novelist clash in the street which brought some of grime’s basic elements back into the scene. We also recently saw Northampton’s Izzie Gibbs, 140aks and Cadell go back to back on Rinse FM. Often we see MC’s raise their bar when they are in a room with their peers, and these three young spitters on a set together would definitely keep themselves on their toes.

Wiley and Dizzie Rascal

A set between Wiley and Dizzie Rascal seems pretty much impossible at this point in time, however we can still dream. This set would be legendary without a shadow of a doubt. The Boy In Da Corner and the Godfather of Grime going back to back would be every grime fans dream. Wiley helped Dizziee in the early stages of his career and he has always hoped for a musical reconciliation, however Dizziee has thus far spurned the opportunity to do so.

Ghetts, P Money and Dot Rotten

Ghetts vs P Money. The clash that never was. This rivalry has been ongoing for many years now and although it has simmered, it may not take too much to reignite it. P Money was the underdog in the grime scene and on the come up when he went toe to toe with Ghetts and after many subliminal’s the two MC’s agreed to release weekly diss tracks on Logan Sama’s show. Following this, a clash was on the brink of being confirmed when Ghetts pulled out of the battle citing that he didn’t want to be known purely as a clashing MC, but instead as an artist. In P Money’s Not For The Radio interview he admitted that he respected Ghetts’s decision after hearing the subsequent album Rebel With A Cause. With mutual respect essentially ending the possibility of a fierce clash, we would still love to see these two share a set and go bar for bar. These two MC’s are known for their skippy flows and ability to spit with the best in grime. Another MC who would fit in seamlessly at this dream set would be Dot Rotten. Dot rotten has always been respected in the grime scene for his ability to spit and also produce with the best of them.



The Movement and Boy Better Know

Does this need any explaining? Ghetto came on the scene dissing Wiley for months on end at every radio set possible, which led to a highly competitive (but mutually respectful) clash which lasted for years. At one point it was Wiley vs The Movement with Wretch, Ghetts, Scorcher and Devlin all sending for him, to which Wiley responded admirably. Scorcher and Skepta exchanged words over the phrase “go on then”. Ghetts told JME to “stick to computers”. Skepta and Ghetto clashed over the ‘King of Grime’ title. Scorcher and Wiley exchanged words over who was the “best white boy”, Devlin or Scratchy. Frisco and Scorcher exchanged diss tracks. Jammer and Ghetto had a heated set on Westwood which featured Tempa T. This list could go on forever. Despite the years of going at each other’s neck’s, this has never escalated to more than two crews both going for the crown. The respect has always been mutual. However, a set to decide once and for all who the better crew is would be monumental.