News 25 September 2015
Author: Bernie Mac

5 reasons to listen to Danny Seth’s ‘Perception’

25 September 2015

The British Are Coming.

That slogan or the abbreviated ‘TBAC’ is something you’ve either heard at a show or seen across social media. Coming from the Watford born rapper Danny Seth, he means what he says. Danny has been more than creating a buzz for himself. Some would argue that the rapper has managed to flip the tables in UK rap, arguing he has a larger overseas following than he does British. His mastered confident, yet humble flow among bassy, eerie beats has dubbed him to be one to watch for many years now.

A part of the art collective (and the reasoning behind the ‘Art Collective’ term I chose will be mentioned later) Last Night In Paris, Danny has not only cemented himself as a standout lyricist, but also very relatable. I am a huge fan of not only Danny, but the LNIP (Last Night In Paris) movement. I can remember the “Roses” release and being in awe of the quality of visuals and production I was seeing from a group in the UK. The reason why I class Last Night in Paris as an ‘art collective’ and not simply a crew, is the diversity within them. You have rappers, singers, producers, directors, designers, tattooists, photographers, artists and more. The diversity in which the collective hold is the reason they’ve been a force to be reckoned with for the past few years now.

If you follow Danny in terms of his music, you would know the word “long-awaited” doesn’t have enough power when we talk about his album ‘Perception’. Fans have been waiting for this album like Skepta fans have been waiting for ‘Konnichiwa’. It’s been that long. It’s now here with us, and it lived up to its expectations and the very high bar Danny set for himself. I’ve narrowed down 5 reasons as to why ‘Perception’ needs to be on your phone, laptop, iPod etc.


1) Tag Team

Everyone loves a good tag team don’t they? When it comes to the rap scene, we’ve had and do have some amazing tag teams. Drake and 40, Future and Metro Boomin, but the one I’m talking about is Danny Seth and Zach Nahome. Danny has a distinct sound and that comes from his close friendship with Zach. Speaking in an interview Danny said “he knows my sound inside out, he knows what vibe I’m running with”. With that partnership, you get to hear some of the most exciting production I have heard this past year, arguably the past few years, for a UK artist.


2) The hype?

Some people may say “why is it long-awaited?”. The answer is an app. Soundcloud. Go onto Danny’s Soundcloud and listen to his catalogue. Racking up plays for years now, Danny has been consistent with his music. Explaining to us that he wants this project to be exactly how he imagines, yet still giving us throwaway tracks that are album-worthy, has made a lot of people anticipate his project.


3) PURE.

Earlier this year, Last Night In Paris released their short film ‘PURE’. Directed by themselves and Karim Huu Do, it was a trippy experience. The visuals were second to none, nothing less than what we’ve been given by LNIP before. Of course though, the soundtrack was produced by them too. And wow, it was a score. A mixture of the deep, lean influenced beats alongside harmonic violin solos and piano interludes, it shows the talent the group holds. What does this directly have to do with Danny? Listen to ‘PURE’ and tell me he does not body his verse. That verse alone created new fans of Danny Seth.


4) The British Are Coming

Say what you want about Danny, he reps England through and through. Listen to “Safe”, the comfortable picture flying the flag for our city whilst saying “I’m repping JD Sports not Footlocker”. Some people believe Danny’s sound is catered to Americans, but what could be better? His sound has enticed thousands of our cousins in the states to warm to his music, whilst he screams for the UK through thick and thin. It’s evident within our scene that The British Are Coming, it just might be time for people to open their eyes to Seth.


5) Perception

My personal perception of the scene is positive. Another thing I have perceived however, is there will always be room to grow. Being nominated for a #RatedAward earlier this year for ‘Best Video’, he showed us all that their are levels to this, and he is setting them high. However you perceive the game, however you perceive Danny, you have to take your hat off to him. The U.K. has produced some very very strong projects this year, and there is no argument when I state that this is up there with the best.

Listen/download Danny Seth’s ‘Perception’ album below: