Interviews News Videos 10 February 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

5 mad things we learnt from Devlin’s DJ Target interview

Author Trudy Barry
10 February 2017

Target is continuing his stream of Tuesday night grime conversations with the OG’s of the game. He’s already chatted to Ghetts, Lethal Bizzle and Megaman, and this week he’s got another Movement member, Devlin.


The Dagenham rapper has been around since the very early days as part of the Movement alongside Ghetts, Scorcher, Mercston and Wretch but has also build up enough connections throughout the grime scene, including the Godfather Wiley.


His career has included huge tunes like 2010’s “London City” from his debut album Bud, Sweat and Beers. He’s still dropping bangers as illustrated with the release of his third studio album The Devil In which just came out today.


Below are five of GRM’s highlights from the clip, check them out then watch the full interview above.



We can thank his mum for “London City”


When the topic Devlin’s massive 2010 track, “London City” comes up, Dev informs us that his mum was actually the driving force behind the track. Apparently she said to him “try and make a happy song, you sound depressing in your music”.


He used to be a footballer


“I used to be when I was young!” he tells Target, who then goes on to talk about when there used to be Roll Deep versus Ruff Squad matches which even Devlin points out “must have got heated”.


He wasn’t feeling the celebrity identity at first


His first crazy show experience was with Ghetts in Northampton. Afterwards fans were asking him for pictures which he was surprised by, when Ghetts simply told him “these people love you, ya nutcase.” But all he wanted to do was “get in the car and get out.”


He’s up for a Movement reunion


When Ghetts was on the show a few weeks ago he said he was up for a Movement reunion but Target needed to ask the others. So that’s exactly what Target is doing and it seems Devlin is in too. “There was talk a little while ago,” he says “I said I was on it but it didn’t happen.”


No one on “Game Over” heard the other verses before recording


The Tinchy Stryder tune featured Giggs, Professor Green, Chipmunk, Example, Tinie Tempah and Devlin. Target suggests (and hopes) that everyone was in the studio together but Dev quickly shuts that down. Apparently everyone recorded their verses separately and Devlin even reckons you “shouldn’t hear anyone else’s verse first”.