News 12 October 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

50 Cent bigs up rapping Hackney school teacher’s flow

12 October 2016

We’re pretty sure that teachers never used to be cool as this one. Christian Foley, a teacher at a school in Hackney, grabbed a lot of attention when a video of him rapping to his classmates went viral. Now, one particularly famous face has cottoned on to it.

American megastar, hip-hop hit maker and Power producer 50 Cent shared the video onto his official Facebook page, even bigging up Mr Foley’s flow!

He uses his freestyle rhymes to help teach the kids some longer terms and all about their subjects, as the Maths and English freestyle above demonstrates.

Mr Foley told the Evening Standard, “My overwhelming feeling is surprise, what’s 50 Cent doing with his ear on the youth poetry scene of east London? How did he stumble on this?

“I’m amused by the compliment and its semi-patronising tone,” he continued. “My main job is to help my students, and to focus on them.

“If 50’s praise creates opportunities for me, and therefore them, mission accomplished, if not – then it was just a cool Tuesday, and back to work.”

What a guy!