News 22 August 2020

50 Cent loses five-year legal battle against Rick Ross

22 August 2020

There’s always some sort of drama that follows 50 Cent, and this time around he’s lost a legal battle against Rick Ross for his “In Da Club” remix.

50 Cent has lost his 5-year case against Rick Ross over the unauthorised use “In Da Club.”

50 released “In Da Club” back in 2003 which featured on his popular debut album Get Rich Or Die Tryin. 50 recorded the song under an agreement with his label at the time, Shady Records/Aftermath Records.

However, court documents specify that “(50 Cent) owns no copyright interest” in the track.

Ross used the song on his Renzel Remixes project in 2015 and 50 argued that his right to publicity was violated and that there was an alleged trademark infringement, so he sued Ross for $2 million.

The appeals court came to the conclusion that even though Ross didn’t ask for approval to use the song on his mixtape, and didn’t include 50 Cent’s name as a featured artist, 50’s recording agreement still meant that he had “surrendered his rights to the use of his name, performance and likeness associated with the master recording of “In Da Club” in connection with the advertising and marketing of Phonograph Records.”

In the end, the court ruled that 50 did not actually have the right to sue Ross.

This comes after Rick Ross pleaded in court to have a separate court battle dismissed.