News 5 July 2020

Is 50 Cent taking shots at Meek Mill?

5 July 2020

50 Cent appears to have taken some shots at Meek Mill.

During an interview on Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio, 50 talked about an array of topics including the cultural climate in America.

Many are calling for the police to be defunded and this has become one of the main rallying cries of the Black Lives Matter movement.

50 touched on this and appeared to throw some shade as he did.

Fif said, “I’m not going to say who I’m talking about, right. I’m just gonna say, if you represent prison reform, how do you sign to a correctional officer and you managed by a snitch? Help me, help me with this man. I just look at certain shit and I go, ‘Wait, how is that?'”

50 Cent’s statement seemingly addresses Meek Mill due to rumours that Rick Ross once worked as a correctional officer and that an individual on Meek’s management team acted as a witness for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The snitching debate in hip-hop has been the zeitgeist recently due to the release and chart success of rapper 6ix9ine.

After becoming an informant, 6ix9ine received a reduced sentence and was later released early due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The rainbow-haired polarising figure was able to break the Instagram Live record on his release and he has since been able to debut at number one the chart with his track “Trollz”.

The rapper has since been shunned and blacklisted by many – fellow New York rapper Nicki Minaj also caught heat for collaborating with him.

Meek Mill was among many that have been vocal about their dislike of 6ix9ine and “snitch culture”.

Take in 50 Cent’s full interview with Lil Wayne below.