News 16 November 2019

‘Power’ stars 50 Cent & Naturi Naughton are arguing on social media

16 November 2019

Power stars 50 Cent and Naturi Naughton are arguing on social media, again.

50 Cent recently insulted the actress who plays Tasha in the long-running drama series about a nightclub owner and drug dealer whose life is turned upside down when he begins having an affair with his old high school flame.

Earlier this month, 50 posted a meme on Instagram which ridiculed Naughton’s hairstyle and the action drew criticism. The rap mogul later apologised.

50 has now posted another meme on Twitter, this time comparing Naughton’s hairstyle to Mortal Kombat character Goro.

Naughton said in response, “Did we have a fight and I not know about it? confused. #SoMuchForPowerFam”.

Later the actress appeared to allude to the controversy with the caption, “There’s so much I wanna say but… You don’t even have an Instagram account so… why waste my characters or come out of my CHARACTER! But do pick up a copy of my upcoming book: #whatNOTtoDoWhenYoureABoss #ImNotACharacter #IAmARealPerson#IAmAWoman #IAmABlackWoman”.

The trouble between Naturi and 50 Cent comes as fans wait patiently for the final few episodes of Power.

News also broke recently that there might be a chance of a reconciliation between 50 Cent and long-time rival Rick Ross. Read more about that here.