News 28 October 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

Did 50 Cent threaten his own son?!

28 October 2016

Welp, 50 Cent is back on his bullsh*t.

He’s well versed in wading through beefs, but his latest ont is a little closer to home than usual. Fiddy posted up a photo on Instagram, that has got some people thinking he’s threatening his own son.

The photo was of his character Kanan from Power, along with a caption that read, “You a grown man now boy, what you gonna tell me you cross me because mommy said so? F–k dat,” as well as some gun emojis for good measure.

It is being interpreted as directed towards his son Marquise, the mother of whom he has had many public spats with over the years.

As for the actual photo? Kanan recently *SPOILER ALERT* killed his son in Power and some think 50 might be alluding to doing the same!

Marquise has single replied, saying, “Now if something happens to me everybody knows who did it. GOOFY!”