News 12 October 2015
Author: Krishma

6 rappers tweeting funny shit [001]

Author Krishma
12 October 2015

So much happens on Twitter on a daily basis, especially with artists, so it’s only right that we have a round up of the best tweets of the week (just incase you missed all the action).

Now for the first instalment of Rappers Tweeting Funny Shit.

If you watch Krept’s snapchat you’ll know all about his infamous voiceovers.

Y pls?

Them boys up to something…wooooo.

Some beautiful imagery here.

Little Dee showing us what it would look like if Jammer was a blonde girl. Amazing.

Oh Giggs lol.

He also wanted to teach the bin man a lesson.

“Talk to yourself bruv”

Who is in favour of Wiley starting a book club? *raises hand*